A strike is a warning for your account. You’ll receive a strike for any extreme lateness, late cancellation, incorrect uniform and/or any particularly bad feedback from clients. A strike on your account will be deactivated once you have worked 10 consecutive shifts without issue.

If you receive three strikes, this will result in a ban from the Indeed Flex platform, which means you will no longer have access to work via Indeed Flex. If you fail to attend a shift you will also no longer have access to work via Indeed Flex.

Let’s look at some examples below:

Cancelling a shift more than 24 hours before the start time? No penalty.

Cancelling a shift within 24 hours of the start time? Uh oh, that’s a strike. Clocking in after the start time? That’s a strike too.

3 Active Strikes on your profile at any time = Suspension

No Show without contact = Suspension

Please note: If you disagree with a strike please contact our Support Team via support@indeedflex.com or via our live chat.