Work shifts, earn benefits

We appreciate our Flexers’ hard work, and believe you should enjoy the same benefits as you’d get in a full-time role.

How do I access benefits?

Earning benefits with Indeed Flex is easy and straightforward.

Complete 20 shifts through our app, including 10 within a single month, and you’ll unlock all the perks. To keep these benefits, all you need to do is work 10 shifts each following month.

Once you qualify, you’ll get an email from our benefits partner, ONSI, telling you how to access them.

What benefits are included?



Covering sick pay, accident/injury payout, family leave, and more.


Health and wellbeing services:

Including access to a digital GP and physio, 24/7 mental health support, 24/7 financial advice.


Savings on big brands:

Covering food shopping, tech, fashion, eating out, fuel, entertainment and more. 

More about Flexer Benefits

What happens if I don’t do 10 shifts in a month?

Is there any charge for using them?

I’ve reached the required number of shifts – how do I access my benefits?

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