Technology that prioritises
speed, quality and choice

Effortlessly manage your workforce using a variety of intuitive features

Scheduling and tracking

Get a clear overview of your live jobs posts. Monitor fulfilment and track your staffing position through our dedicated insights window.

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Smart job offering

Ensure your shifts reach the most qualified and experienced workers in the Flex marketplace.

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Worker ratings and
talent pools

Create a 5-star talent pool for a quality workforce suited to your needs.

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Tracking and attendance

Unlocking efficiency and accuracy with attendance tracking and automated timesheets. 

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Reporting and analytics

Monitor staffing costs, ratings, attendance and much more through our innovative reporting feature.

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Workforce management

Our range of Flex Plus features enable you to grow and manage your entire workforce.

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Internal workforce management

Manage your own employees’ shifts through our innovative workforce solution.

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Agency management

Add your own agencies, or use our trusted agency network.

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"Flex provides us with the ability to instantly fill hundreds of shifts with skilled employees, ensuring we meet demand."

Mark Grice, UK Production Director at Precision Proco Group

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