Choose when you get paid, with Instant Pay

At Indeed Flex, we’re all about offering you choice. This is why we introduced Instant Pay – allowing you to access up to 70% of your earnings immediately after you finish your shift. Or simply wait until Friday’s payroll, to get your wages. It’s up to you.

Seize the day with Instant Pay

Instant Pay provides you with control and choice when it comes to your finances. We’ve made it quick and simple to withdraw your earnings earlier, with access to up to 70% as soon as you complete your shift, rather than waiting for pay day.

With Instant Pay, you can treat your family to spontaneous day trips, go to the cinema on a whim, or plan a date night.

How to use Instant Pay

  1. Download the FlexEarn app and create an account.
  2. Book a shift through Indeed Flex.
  3. Clock in on arrival at your shift using the Indeed Flex app. You must ensure your location services are turned on.
  4. Clock out once you’ve completed your shift, then visit the ‘Pay’ tab to see your available earnings.
  5. Tap ‘Cash out now’.

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What happens to the rest of my wages?

As Instant Pay allows you to access up to 70% of your wages on demand, the remainder will be paid on the Friday following the week in which you worked, via payroll.

The amount will show on your payslip, minus the monies you withdrew, plus other deductibles, such as tax and National Insurance.

Start working today – get paid today!


Am I eligible for Instant Pay?

Do I have to claim my wages early?

Is there a limit on how much I can withdraw?

When will I get the rest of what I’m owed?

Will there be a fee to access my wages early?

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