What rules apply to me when I work as a driver?

Last updated on 18 April 2024

The safety of our delivery drivers, customers, and the public is our utmost priority. Therefore, all delivery drivers must stick to all speed limits and traffic regulations at all times, even if it means a delay in delivery.

Is my speed being monitored while working a shift?

Sainsbury’s reserves the right to monitor driver behaviour through GPS tracking and other means, to ensure compliance with speed limits.

What is Flex’s speeding policy for Sainsbury’s delivery drivers?

If you’re found to be speeding during a shift, a warning will be issued to you via email, along with details about the offence. You can continue working as a delivery driver for Sainsbury’s as long as you have no more than three warnings within the last 12 months. Incur a fourth speeding offence and you’ll be blocked from working shifts of any kind for Sainsbury’s via Flex.

Do speeding offences count as a strike?

No, speeding offences will not have an effect on your strike status with Flex.

Am I able to appeal a speeding offence?

Yes, you have the right to appeal any speeding offence by getting in touch with Support via the Flex app. Please be ready to provide supporting evidence to help your case.