Reporting and analytics

Monitor staffing costs, ratings, attendance and much more, through our innovative reporting features.

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Shift reporting made simple

Access start and end times for each worker, along with details of the shifts they’ve undertaken – regardless of role or industry.

Optimise key performance metrics

Understand operational stats, site-by-site and company-wide, in real time – with metrics including shift fulfilment rates, expenditure, worker ratios, and quality ratings.

Finance reporting
that suits you

Consolidate invoicing for multiple sites and agencies in one customisable platform. Efficiently manage all bookings and extract detailed financial data for each of your venues.

"We’ve benefitted from the instant access to detailed data and reporting on the platform."

Nicole Kirkland, Director of Talent at Aimbridge EMEA


Instantly access and retain top-rated workers

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Flex Plus

Manage your entire workforce within a singular platform

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