The festive season is great for job-seekers as the increase in consumer demand for goods and services means businesses require more staff. From the retail sector to hospitality, facilities management and industrial sector, every industry will be hiring additional employees to help them get through the busy period.

But how do you make sure you’re top of the nice list when it comes to Christmas recruitment? Well, you better not cry and you better not pout because we’ve put together our top tips to help you bag the best seasonal jobs.

Start Looking Now

According to a recent survey, UK consumers spend an average of £567 extra each Christmas, with the majority going on gifts, food and drink, socialising and travel. £299 of this will be dedicated to gift buying, with more than half of UK consumers (53%) doing their Christmas shopping in November or before. Businesses are aware that Christmas shopping starts from late September onwards, meaning they’ll be hiring additional employees to help them best serve their customers. Getting your foot in the door early in the season will increase your chances of bagging the best jobs and repeat employment. There’ll be an abundance of job opportunities relating to every aspect of retail and online shopping including production, stock management, packaging, delivery and so much more, so it’s best to start looking and applying now.

The second largest proportion of Christmas spending will go towards food and drink (£151) and socialising (£66), which is great news for job-seekers in the hospitality industry. Restaurants, bars and event spaces will see an increase in customer footfall, with people out in their droves celebrating the holiday with friends and family, for meals, nights out and parties. All the additional frivolities that the festive season brings means there’ll be an increase in demand for hospitality staff, including bartenders, hostess staff, waiting staff, food prep assistants, chefs and much more. It’s important to make the most of the opportunities available, so why not head to the app now and start looking for Christmas jobs.

Be flexible

Not only are employers looking for team members that can get stuck in and get the job done, they’re also looking for people that are flexible to working Christmas hours. Many businesses are open later than usual over the Christmas period and may require employees to work early and late shifts as well as bank holidays and weekends. For example some warehouses will be shipping goods right up until Christmas, some restaurants may serve Christmas day dinner and most shops and pubs count Boxing Day and New Years Day as one of their busiest days of the year for sales. So they need employees that are willing to work these shifts.

Although it’s important not to work yourself too hard, making yourself available to Christmas shifts will make you much more appealing as an applicant and demonstrate to employers that you’re hardworking and committed to the role. They need team members that they can rely on to make the season a success. By doing so you’re more likely to be offered additional shifts and repeat employment. Job-seekers who aren’t willing to work any Christmas hours may not get hired for as many roles so let employers know the days and hours you’re available. As long as you have an eagerness to learn, positive attitude and an enthusiastic approach to work, there’s no stopping you finding a festive job.

Apply for multiple jobs

Applying for Christmas jobs can be really competitive and it would be naive to think you’ll get the first job you apply for. It’s not only your skills and experience that will determine whether you get the job but also how many other people have applied for the same role. Some Christmas jobs may be more competitive than others. For example, if the job you want is for a really well-known brand or in a popular student area then there is likely going to be many other hopefuls wanting the same job.

Applying for multiple positions will keep your options open to new opportunities and a role that initially might not have been up your street could turn into something really interesting. Whether you’re just looking for a bit of extra cash over the holidays or wanting to build up your work experience, applying for more than one job will increase your chances of reaching this goal. By the end of the festive season you’ll have learnt so many new skills and built up so much work experience, you’ll be glad you applied for all those jobs.

Further opportunities

A seasonal job is a chance to get a real feel for what it’s like to work at that business or in that industry without any long term commitment. Even if it’s not your dream job, it could help you gain experience and learn new skills for the future. In addition, some employers keep Christmas temps on after the festive period is over, especially if they’ve been impressed with their attitude to work and they’ve got on well with the rest of the team. Continued employment can help you progress in your career while providing you with a little bit of financial stability, especially if you’re a student.

Although your main goal might have just been to earn some extra Christmas spending money, it’s worth thinking about the future too. A Christmas temp job could lead to something great, even if you don’t know it yet. Your best hope for being kept on after Christmas is to ensure you stand out from the other temporary staff. It’s simple really, all you need to do is be yourself, be professional, friendly, helpful and eager to learn. Your positive attitude will send you to the top of the list for future employment.

Now that you know what it takes to get the best Christmas jobs, head to the app and start applying today.