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At Indeed Flex, we're transforming the way people find jobs. We deliver a level of speed, choice, and flexibility that you'd struggle to find elsewhere – putting you, the jobseeker, in control.

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It took one day for me to be able to find work! I’ve had a great experience. That’s why I’ve stayed with Indeed Flex for three years.



Having lost my job, I sought something flexible to allow me to pursue my university studies and second career while earning money at the same time. As much as you want to work, you can do.



What brought me to Indeed Flex was the flexibility to work in different places as it gives you the opportunity and freedom to be creative as a chef.



Indeed Flex gives me the opportunity to feel financially stable. I was amazed at the control of how many hours I wanted to do, where I wanted to work; the location, the client, and the type of shift.


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Retail assistant jobs across the country

Whether you’re an experienced retail assistant worker or just starting your career in the retail sector, we can help you find the right job to match your needs. 

Download the Indeed Flex app and get instant access to our temporary sales assistant job opportunities in the retail industry. Our easy-to-use app connects you with some of the top retailers and businesses in London and across the UK.

Stay updated with the latest job postings and apply with just a few taps. Let us help you take the next step in your retail career today.

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