What’s a rating? How can I improve mine?

Last updated on 29 January 2024

Employers can rate you at the end of each shift, just like you can rate them in return. These ratings are based on a starring system from 1 to 5, with 5 meaning you’ve done a great job (and, more than likely, that employer would love to have you back).

These ratings will be added to your profile, and the higher your rating is, the more likely you are to receive job offers.

To improve your rating, we recommend:

  • Always be early for shifts to get ready to work.
  • Make sure you’re in the correct uniform as shown in the job description.
  • Work well with all of your colleagues, whether fellow Flexers or not
  • Attitude is incredibly important, so always wear a smile, do everything asked of you, and even go above and beyond that.

If you follow the instructions of your manager and do these things, it will likely lead to a 5* rating.

 Top Tip: Receiving a 5* rating will mean you’re added to the employer's preferred network, giving you earlier access to book shifts.

Please note: If you disagree with a rating, please contact us by visiting the support section in the app.