Holiday pay Indeed Flex – Everything you need to know

Last updated on 02 February 2024

Everything you need to know about holiday pay

Holiday pay is based on the principle that a worker should not suffer financially for taking holiday. Enforced by the Working Time Directive 1998, employers must provide the opportunity for employees to take paid leave during their employment.

A week’s pay is worked out according to the kind of hours someone works and how they’re paid for the hours. This includes full-time, part-time, term-time, and casual workers.

How is holiday pay rate calculated?

To find out how holiday pay is calculated, please visit the official government website.

How can I claim my holiday pay?

You can claim your holiday pay from within the Indeed Flex app.

To do so, please log into your account and go to:

Profile > Earnings > Manage your holiday pay.

Here you can claim holiday pay that’s already accrued in the past, as well as any recent accruals that haven’t been reflected on your payslip yet.

Your balance will indicate how much holiday you can claim in either monetary form or as paid leave.

Once requested when will my holiday be paid?

In order to receive your holiday on your next payslip, please ensure that your requests are placed by End of Tuesday.

Requests placed between Wednesday and Sunday will be paid out on Friday in the following week.

Please note that you can only place one request per week.

Can I cancel a holiday pay request once I’ve made it?

Once you have placed your holiday pay request, you cannot cancel it.

What happens if I don’t take my holiday?

Should you choose never to withdraw your holiday pay, it will continue to accrue as you work more shifts until the end of the financial year (April of each year), at which point all of your holiday pay will be paid to you in one lump sum.

Do I have to claim my entire holiday pay accrual every time?

No. You can request as much of your accrued holiday pay as you’d like, as long as your request is between £1 and your total.

I’m being told I have to take a day off alongside my request. Why?

Due to the UK working time directive, any payout that is greater than 8 hours’ worth of holiday pay will require you to take one or multiple days off. Therefore, any large requests for holiday pay need to be calculated in line with the calculations set out within these regulations.

Don’t worry though - the Indeed Flex app will automatically prompt you to book a day off if that’s necessary.

Can I opt out of holiday pay?

Holiday pay should be paid for the time when annual leave is taken. An employer cannot include an amount for holiday pay in the hourly rate (known as ‘rolled-up holiday pay’).

Will holiday pay be accrued for cancelled shifts?

No, holiday Pay can only be earned for shifts you have worked.

How will double time, bank holidays & night shifts affect holiday accrued?

Holiday pay is always calculated at a rate of 12.07% of the hourly rate you receive. If your hourly rate is increased, you will naturally earn more holiday pay however the calculation of 12.07% will not change.

Will I be paid any holiday pay for overbooked shifts where I am not required?

No, holiday pay can only be earned for shifts you have worked.

You will still receive up to 4hrs of compensation for your inconvenience.

I’ve been sent home early, how will this impact my accrued holiday?

You will only receive holiday pay for the hours you have worked. If your hours are reduced, you will only accrue holiday pay for those hours.

I have just received my payslip, and I think I have been paid less than I should have. Please clarify.

Please contact us via the Support section of the Indeed Flex app and we will be happy to discuss any queries you have in more detail.

I have a shift in 24 hours, will my holiday hours cover me/save me a strike?

No, if you cancel a shift within 24 hours you will still receive a strike against your profile providing there are no extenuating circumstances.

Can I take holiday at the last minute without getting a strike if I have an emergency?

If you cancel a shift within 24 hours you will receive a strike against your profile. However, if you have an emergency and do not believe a strike is appropriate given the circumstances, please contact our Support team via the Support section of the Indeed Flex app and they will be happy to discuss this in more detail.

If I haven’t accrued enough holiday, can I take unpaid leave?

Yes. If you do not have a shift booked or are able to appropriately cancel booked shifts with sufficient time in advance to avoid a strike against your profile, you will be able to take unpaid leave.

What does accrue mean?

To accrue is to accumulate or receive payments or benefits over time. In this instance, your holiday pay will accrue (i.e. accumulate) over time until you instruct us to make a payment to you.