There are many reasons why people opt to take up temporary work; perhaps you’ve just come out of education or are getting back into work after taking a career break. Whatever the case, temp jobs offer a lot of pros and could be exactly what you’re looking for! iStock-692794224.jpg

Be flexible, and stay in control

Getting a temporary job through an agency or otherwise allows you to manage work around your pre-existing life. If you’re not quite ready to take the full plunge, and have some apprehension about diving straight into a nine to five schedule, a temp role is a great option. You can still be earning enough to pay the bills, but at a tempo that suits your pace. Being able to still put aside “me time” to continue pursuing other goals or interests, but still giving some stability or schedule to your week. Opting to work exclusively on weekends, evenings or on particular days only can keep you focus set on pre-existing commitments or demands. It can also buy some time during transitional career moves or lifestyle changes.

Learn new skills

Stepping into any fresh environment will ensure that you learn something new. Whether it’s a new IT system or customer service protocol, getting into temp work can expose you to a unique way of work that will challenge your ability to acclimatise and build team-working aptitude. The opportunity to work with a variety of companies is a great way to build up your employability. It will also show you the scope of what companies are doing and indicate which roles you are best fit to pursue.

Some people worry that temp jobs aren’t taken seriously as a form of experience. Far from this, temp jobs enable you to display autonomy and reliability. Being able to structure your weekly routine, especially on a free-lancing or shift basis, demonstrates a competency and confidence in being able to execute discipline. It is a great way to prepare yourself, and also show future employers that you are ready to take on work on a full-time capacity.

Make contacts and build a networkiStock-622987480.jpg

It might all start off as a temporary position. But the world of work doesn’t stop at contracts. Building a personal as well as professional rapport with employers can prove to make invaluable contacts for any future endeavours. Of course proving your aptitude can land you some great references, but people also remember what you do, over what you say.

Being able to prove what you can do, not just as a line on your Linkedin profile or cover letter, can lead to recommendations and even more permanent positions from temporary work agreements. Employment is always a two way street – you need to work well for the work place as much as they need to be a good environment for you to work and maximise your skillset.

A temp job can be one of the best ways to practically seek a company and self-satisfaction balance. Having one foot in the door of a career path that appeals to you, can launch you further along even though you might not feel you’re there yet as a temp staff. It may not seem like a conventional means of progression to begin with, but it certainly can be if you allow yourself to take full advantage of the opportunities that come with it.