Next Day Pay is live, and available to all Flexers across all industries – delivered by our partner, FlexEarn.

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Get paid the next day

Usually, when you work shifts through Indeed Flex, you get paid on the Friday following the week in which you worked.

You can still choose to do that, but now you have the option to get your hands on your hard-earned wages much quicker, with Next Day Pay.

Simply clock in and clock out of your shift (with location services turned on), as you usually would.

The day after your shift, open up the FlexEarn app, and request to withdraw anything up to 50% of your wages. That money will then hit your account instantly.

Who are FlexEarn?

FlexEarn are the company we’ve partnered with to offer you Next Day Pay – they’re the service provider.

They provide payment services for companies nationwide.

But just to be clear, despite the similarities in name, they’re not affiliated with Indeed Flex and are an entirely separate company.

Why can I only withdraw 50% of my money?

The simple answer is, for tax reasons. We’d love to pay you 100% of your wages up front, but they still have to go through payroll and have the relevant deductions made; income tax, National Insurance contributions, pension contributions + the amount you withdrew as Next Day Pay and FlexEarn’s transaction fee of £1.50.

We also have to make sure we get approved timesheets from your employer(s), so need to wait for those to come through.

How do I access Next Day Pay?

To become eligible for the service, you need to:

  1. Have been paid for at least one shift in the last three months
  2. Wait for an email invite from FlexEarn
  3. Download the FlexEarn app and add your details, or set up an account on their website
  4. Clock in and out of every shift, with location services turned on
  5. Open the FlexEarn app the day after working your shift
  6. Withdraw the amount you want, up to 50% of your wages

Why are Indeed Flex offering this service?

As part our mission to offer you, the Flexer, control and choice.

Whether it’s unexpected bills, treating yourself, or covering essential expenses, Same Day Pay empowers you to use your earnings on your terms.

It gives you more control over your finances, allowing you to choose when you get paid; helping you to budget more effectively, plan ahead, and make informed decisions about your spending.

Do I have to use this service?

No, not at all. It’s entirely up to you whether you use Next Day Pay or not.

If you prefer, you can simply wait until the Friday following the week you worked to get paid.

If there’s anything else you want to know, check out our FAQs page, here.