‘Master Your Flex’ recap: Indeed Flex’s free Christmas dinner masterclass

Our recent research found that Christmas dinner is the undisputed highlight of the holiday season. Despite this, a staggering 51% of people...

Indeed Flex

5 December 2023

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Our recent research found that Christmas dinner is the undisputed highlight of the holiday season. Despite this, a staggering 51% of people are still grappling with the intricacies of preparing this festive feast. From turkey troubles to roastie woes, the challenges are real, and 1 in 10 has endured nine attempts before achieving Christmas dinner perfection.

Master Your Flex: Christmas dinner masterclass

In response to these culinary conundrums, we hosted a free Christmas dinner masterclass last week at The Big London Bake East. This exclusive event was conducted by leading Indeed Flex chefs at the top of their game.

Participants embarked on a festive culinary journey, learning the art of tackling a turkey, perfecting parsnips, and refining roasties. The atmosphere was brimming with festive joy, providing the perfect backdrop for honing cooking skills just in time for the big day.

Watch the video below to see the action.


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Top tips from the chefs

“Try adding lemon slices, thyme and whole garlic cloves to your roast potatoes. Transform your parsnips and carrots by adding a honey mustard glaze. These tips will turn your vegetable sides into something really special!” – Felix

“Don’t let the pressure of perfection take away the joy of cooking for loved ones. Get some music on, make sure you’ve got family in the kitchen, and have fun with it. Also, don’t forget to rest your turkey after cooking it. This will help the meat relax and make it tender to taste.” – Mark

“Don’t try and do everything yourself. Do the bits you love, get the other bits from other artisans, bakers and local chefs. Make it easy on yourself!” – Kim

“Preparation is key. The first thing is to plan your meal with meats, vegetables, and sauces that go well together. Cook whatever you can on the day before, to save time on the big day. Timing is so important – if some of the vegetables need to pre-blanch, we have to prepare for that.” – Sadulla

The power of temporary work in chef careers

Flexible work offers chefs numerous benefits, notably providing a route to fast career progression. By taking on temporary positions in various culinary settings, chefs can quickly gain diverse experience, learn new cuisines, develop a broad skill set, and build a strong professional network. This exposure not only allows them to assess different workplace environments and cultures but also fosters creativity and innovation. Temporary work enables chefs to showcase their abilities, fill employment gaps, and accumulate a varied portfolio, positioning them for rapid advancement in their culinary careers. Hear from one of our Indeed Flex chefs, Robert, about his journey through the culinary ranks with Flex. Please accept our cookie policy to view the video.

Hungry for more?

Stay tuned for more exciting events and opportunities with Indeed Flex, where we continue to empower individuals to master their flex and embrace the ever-evolving landscape of temporary work. Head over to our Instagram to find more exclusive content, including a live stream of the entire masterclass. Enoy!