Balancing work and holidays

Natasha Mitchell

3 April 2024

2 min read

Work-life balance

Finding the right balance between work and holidays is crucial for maintaining our well-being, productivity and overall happiness within our personal lives.

I have personally been keen to master the balance, and which means I do a few things prior to going on leave:

  • I make it a point to communicate my holiday plans in advance to my team and individuals, or teams I may work regularly with.
  • In the lead-up to taking time off, I focus on wrapping up key projects or handing over where necessary,  and setting up out-of-office for anything urgent.
  • I make a point of being mindful to switch off notifications such as Slack   utilize my PTO icon and step away from the screen to truly unwind. It’s this deliberate act of disconnecting that I believe allows us to recharge more fully, bringing a fresher perspective upon our return.

But actually this balance wouldn’t be possible without a deep trust in my team’s capability to deliver and keep things going in my absence. It’s this mutual trust and support that not only empowers us all as a HR team to take meaningful breaks but also ensures we maintain a full HR service to the Flex team regardless of who is or isn’t available.I also believe that by  respecting our holiday times and work boundaries, we foster a more supportive and understanding team environment. This, in turn, contributes to our individual well-being and collective efficiency.