Why the industrial sector might be just the right fit for you

Have you considered working in a sector where, with the right attitude, you can rise to the top pretty quickly? One that...

Matty Hogarth

4 April 2023

5 min read

Have you considered working in a sector where, with the right attitude, you can rise to the top pretty quickly? One that keeps you physically fit? One that allows you to work flexible shift patterns? One where you get free training? If so, then Industrial might be just the sector for you. Read on to find out the perks of working in Industrial, the skills and personality traits you’ll need, the type of work you’ll be doing, and a few industry myths busted.

What are the perks of working in Industrial?

  • On-the-job training: You don’t have to worry about taking on expensive training courses as you’ll receive on-the-job training, free of charge, to continuously grow your skill set and take on new roles.
  • Career progression: Most people start their industrial career on the shop/warehouse floor and work their way up. With the right attitude, there’s a huge opportunity for promotion in this sector – there’s no limit to what you can achieve.
  • Sociable, high-energy working environment: You’ll get to work alongside hundreds, if not thousands, of people from all different backgrounds and cultures; making friends and learning skills along the way.
  • The UK market for industrial is huge: It’s one of the biggest in the country, so you’re guaranteed year-round consistent work within the sector.
  • Shift patterns: This is one of the few industries where you can have complete control over the hours you work, as there’s real flexibility in shift patterns. If night shifts work for you, you can choose them. If early mornings are better, you can go for them. It’s entirely up to you.

What skills and traits do I need – what do employers look for?

  • Firstly, employers are looking for personality in this sector. They want to know what makes you tick and what makes you, well… you. In any interview make sure your personality shines through.
  • You need to be physically fit and able to do heavy lifting.
  • Employers are also looking for people who are open-minded, willing to learn, helpful, those who get on well with others, and those who display potential leadership skills.
  • You don’t need loads of experience – you’ll pick that up as you go along – but you must be able to show initiative, work hard, and work well as part of a team. In fact, these top tips from fellow Flexers should help, in a more general sense.
  • You need to be observant and diligent, as you’ll often be checking incoming and outgoing items, seeing if they’re packaged correctly, damaged, or even missing entirely.
  • As time progresses you may be required to operate certain machinery and/or equipment, so you need to be practical and hands-on.
  • Above all, you need to be committed and self-motivated – show these traits and there’ll be untold opportunities for you in the industrial sector.

What type of work will I be doing in Industrial, for Indeed Flex?

The first thing to say is find the role that looks right for you and suits you in terms of your availability and location. The vast majority of our industrial roles are within a warehouse, and include responsibilities such as:

  • Taking in deliveries and checking for damaged or missing items
  • Using lifting equipment to move stock around the warehouse, load or unload vehicles
  • Checking stock levels and making sure items are stored correctly
  • Order picking, packing, wrapping and loading items to be dispatched
  • Cleaning the warehouse
  • Operating a forklift truck (you’ll need a licence to do this)

Master these roles and you can work your way up the ladder, progressing to shift manager, warehouse manager, or even chief supply chain officer.

Some myths about the industrial sector

  • Industrial is just for men. This simply isn’t true. Industrial is all about having the right attitude and working hard, which has nothing to do with your gender.
  • Industrial isn’t skilled work. While you may start at entry level, with dedication and commitment you can rise right to the top. You’ll also need to know how to operate different types of machinery, which certainly involves a level of skill.
  • It’s dangerous work. It’s no more dangerous than many other working environments, as employers put a strong emphasis on safety, with training given before you step foot in the warehouse.
  • Shift work disrupts your life. Only if you let it. We say this, as you can pick and choose shifts that fit your lifestyle, whether working days, afternoons, lates, or night shifts. The versatility in the type of shifts available allows you to do the things you want to, for example, spend more time with your family.
  • You’re not allowed to take breaks. Another one that’s not true. All workers have the right to one 20-minute break during their shift – no exceptions.

We hope you’ve found this post useful in giving you an insight into what it’s like working in the industrial sector, and, if you choose to move into it, we wish you a long and fruitful career.