Tips from fellow Flexers on how to succeed as a temporary worker

Being a successful Flexer takes more than just showing up on time and putting in an honest day’s work. To truly excel...

Donna Manson

29 November 2022

4 min read

Being a successful Flexer takes more than just showing up on time and putting in an honest day’s work. To truly excel at each role, you need to go the extra mile to build relationships, sharpen your skills, communicate well,  and be adaptable to change. Here are six  tips from some of our top Flexers to help you succeed in the world of temporary work.

Build a good relationship with management; that way they’re likely to hire you more regularly” – Adam Smith, Replenishment Assistant

One of the best ways to secure consistent work is to build good relationships with management. And, one of the best ways to get on management’s good side is to be proactive. This means being the first one to volunteer for tasks, offering help when it’s needed, and generally being a team player. By showing management that you’re willing to go above and beyond, they’ll be more likely to hire  you again in the future.

“Check the app 2-3 times a day to find the best shifts that suit you and your schedule.” – Michael Agbogun, Bartender

Make sure you have notifications turned on. That way, you’ll get an alert as soon as a new shift is posted. If you see a shift that looks interesting, don’t hesitate to apply for it.  

“Be sure to make solid connections with your colleagues – you’ll meet them again, and if you have this familiarity, you’ll enjoy yourself.” – Shai Gayle-Wright, Bartender

When you’re working a shift, you’re essentially working as part of a team. And, as with any team, communication is key to ensuring that the shift runs smoothly. Good communication prevents misunderstandings and mistakes from happening, keeps customers  and employers happy, and helps to build relationships with your colleagues. If you have solid relationships with your colleagues, then you’ll  enjoy your shifts more.  

“Listen carefully in the first 15-20 mins during each job briefing to fully understand what the client expects from you, so that you can do the job correctly.” – Nabil Musthafa, Waiting Staff

During the initial briefing, it’s crucial that you listen carefully to what’s expected of you. This may seem like a no-brainer, but sometimes it can be easy to zone out or get distracted—especially if the briefing is long. But if you want to do a good job, it’s important that you pay attention, put your phone away (of course) and try to absorb as much information as possible.  

“Always show up 10 minutes before your shift starts; this will give you time to sign in, use the restroom, and prepare mentally for your tasks ahead.” – Gregory Emokpae, Various roles

The next time you’re scheduled to work, aim to arrive 10 minutes early. This small change can make a big difference in how productive and happy you are throughout the day, and creates the right impression with your employer.  Not only will it help reduce stress levels, but it will also give you a chance to catch up with co-workers and relax before starting your shift. So try it out—you might be surprised at the results.  

It can be daunting going into a new work situation. But remember, confidence is key. It’s normal to have doubts or feel nervous before a shift, but try to focus on the positive. Think about all of the skills and experience you bring to the table. Remember why you were chosen in the first place. So remind yourself of your strengths, focus on what you bring to the table, and let that confidence shine through. 

Following these tips from some of our top Flexers will help set you up for success in the world of temporary work. Remember, it’s not just about showing up on time and doing your job—it’s about building relationships, being adaptable, and always giving your best. Keep these six tips in mind and we know you’ll be Flexing like a pro in no time.