We’re always looking for new ways to improve the Indeed Flex platform, whether on your desktop or through our custom-built Flex Client app. Our dedicated product team has shared some exciting new updates for the platform, let’s take a look.

Optimising the ‘Finance’ tab

To better represent its purpose and to incorporate upcoming updates, we are replacing the ‘Finance’ tab with the new ‘Reports’ tab. This means you now have one place for all your reporting needs – a dedicated home for reporting.

This will incorporate everything you have currently under the ‘Finance’ tab with the space for more features to be added as we continue to better the client experience based on your needs.

An update to the way you receive your reports

When you request a finance report via the ‘Reports’ tab, you will now receive a link within the email from [email protected]. This link will take you directly to the Indeed Flex portal. Here you can easily download your report via the button provided. 

This is instead of the current email attachment format and keeps the contents of your report safe and secure.

Please note that the link in the email will only be active for 72 hours – but don’t worry, after this time period you can easily regenerate the report via the ‘Reports’ tab.

Get your reports on demand

Leading on from the new way you can securely receive reports, you can now access two top-priority reports on-demand. 

  1. Finance report 
  2. NEW Daily roster report 

Instead of relying on the Indeed Flex team to generate these reports, the power is now in your hands. You can self-serve and download the reports to understand the key areas of your business operations easily, with minimal involvement from Flex internal teams.

This means you can benefit from up-to-date data, when you need it, via a link in your inbox.

The new Daily roster report

You can now generate a list of all the workers who have worked and/or will be working at any of your venues. 

As we continue to develop the platform, clients can expect to see some more commonly requested reports available to download on-demand. 

We hope you enjoy the new features and if you have any questions please do reach out to your account manager.