We’re always looking at new ways to give you more control over your work-life.

That’s why we’re pleased to announce that following the improvement to the way job cards function on the app, we’ve also improved the way in which you can rate your experience with an employer after each shift.

We believe feedback should be a two-way street and want to offer you more of a chance to have your say, increasing transparency and ultimately improving your experience and that of other Flexers.

It’s important that employers know what kind of working environment they’re providing and strive to make improvements, or are recognised for their efforts to make shifts an enjoyable experience for everyone.

So, after you clock out of your shift, a screen will now automatically pop up in the app, allowing you to give a 1-5 star rating.

A rating of 4 or 5 stars indicates that you enjoyed working for that employer. Any rating between 1-3 will prompt you to give feedback as to why the employer didn’t quite meet your expectations.

Things to take into consideration when giving your rating:

  • How well did the employer communicate with you, both before and during your shift?
  • Did the employer make an effort to make your experience a good one?
  • What the working environment was like: was it clean and safe, for example?
  • How did your shift manager/team leader manage your shift?
  • Did the job description match the role you were asked to undertake?
  • Would you work for the same employer again?

All feedback is completely anonymous and won’t affect your profile or ability to book future shifts.

But… that feedback will still be fed back directly to the employer and has the power to influence their practices.

We really hope you find this new feature useful and, of course, would love to know your thoughts on it, so please complete the quick poll below.

Do you believe this feature will improve your experience working with certain employers?