Workers’ Rebranding FAQ: Everything you Need to Know

We are Indeed Flex! As Syft becomes Indeed Flex, we wanted to take the opportunity to answer some of the questions you...

Indeed Flex

31 March 2021

5 min read

We are Indeed Flex!

As Syft becomes Indeed Flex, we wanted to take the opportunity to answer some of the questions you may have.


  • What does the rebrand mean for me? 

The rebrand is a brand change. Indeed Flex will be the new trading name for Syft Online Ltd. Your account and information with us remains unchanged


  • Why have you changed the name?

Syft was acquired by Indeed in May 2019 and since then we have been able to grow and expand. We decided that moving forward to give our Flexers the best experience and opportunities would be best served by using the name Indeed Flex.


  • Is there an Indeed Flex in America?

Yes! We launched in America In September 2020. We are very excited to be offering flexible working via our platform to those in Texas. As the company expands and grows it will only benefit everyone at Indeed Flex! 


  • Are there any changes in the app?

The changes you will see within the app are only aesthetic changes, i.e. brand name, brand colours and when we reference our community of workers. We will be referring to our workers as Flexers moving forward. 


  • When will the change happen?

We will be changing from Syft to Indeed Flex on Wednesday 31st March. Put the date in your diary!


  • Will Indeed Flex be running furlough?

We will be making an announcement later this month with regards to Indeed Flex’s participation in the Job Retention Scheme. Stay tuned!


  • Has all my information with Syft been deleted?

No, all information you have previously shared with us has been saved securely and the rebrand doesn’t change our data privacy policy, please refer to it here


  • Do I have to resend my bank details again?

No, the rebrand is just a trading name change and all information relating to your bank information has been stored and kept safe!


  • Does this mean I can work with Indeed?

You are more than welcome to take up any work opportunities with, however, Indeed Flex and Indeed are two separate companies offering different work opportunities. At Indeed Flex, we offer flexible work to job seekers directly while on Indeed you’ll be applying to different employers instead.  


  • Am I still a Syfter?

Everything that made our community of workers so wonderful will be staying the same including their identity to the platform, we will just be calling them Flexers moving forward to stay in line with our new brand name! We think Flexer has a great ring to it!


  • Will all my shifts be cancelled?

No, all information relating to applied for, booked and worked shifts remains the same.


  • Does my profile get wiped? 

No, your profile has remained untouched. 


  • What happens to my rating?

Your rating will remain the same! 


  • Do I have to go through the process of being onboarded again? 

No, don’t worry! Everything you have shared with us to date will remain the same including the roles you are verified for, your shared experience and previous experience within the app. We are simply changing our name from Syft to Indeed Flex. 


  • Does this mean there will be more shifts?

We are excited to grow and expand under the new name of Indeed Flex. Being part of the Indeed group will naturally bring more awareness of us as a company and we are super excited to bring new work opportunities to our community of Flexers!


  • Will my strikes be removed?

No, any strikes you had on your account will remain.


Are there new contact details if I have an issue?

Yes, the new support team email would be [email protected]. You can also reach out to our support team via Live Chat within the Indeed Flex app.


  • Is the Syfter community group being removed?

No! Don’t worry the community group will remain, just under the new Indeed Flex name. You can find the Facebook community group by searching Flexer Community Group. 


  • Is there anything that I have to do as part of this change?

No, everything about your experience with us will remain the same. 


  • Will this affect my payslip/tax?

You will still see the name Syft Online Limited on legal documents and payslips, however, we will be trading as Indeed Flex. You will also see our new logo on your payslip.


  • Does that mean my employment contract has changed?

No, it’s important to note that as part of this rebrand, the company and “Employer” for the purposes of PAYE will remain the same. No contracts are changing, neither is the legal entity name of Syft Online Limited. We will just be trading under a different brand name.