We have raised the issue of personal development a few times within the Syfter Community and it’s great to see that so many Syfters are interested in the subject and are eager to explore more. Before we go full steam ahead by sharing resources and courses, we want to identify what personal development is, how it may benefit our community, and what it really involves.

Personal development is hard to define and pinpoint for many, because, well, it’s personal. From our research, many suggest personal development is an effort to improve yourself and the outcomes in your life. This could cross over to family life, your career, and your own mental wellbeing. 

“Personal growth is the process of growing stronger, more confident, and more effective as a person and an agent of change for your own life,” says Kathy Caprino, career, and personal growth coach. 

It’s important to understand that this area heavily relates to how you perceive and view yourself, how you interact with others, how you see your future, and how you view the world. 

So what topics can you explore when working on your own personal development?

  • Being more mindful and present 
  • Overcoming anxiety
  • Being more open-minded 
  • Managing expectations 
  • Nurturing optimism 
  • Practicing gratitude daily 
  • Shaking bad habits
  • Finding a healthy work-life balance 
  • Coping with stress
  • Understanding yourself 
  • Identifying passions
  • Improving communication skills 
  • Being more productive 
  • Developing a growth mindset


And these are just a few! Although this list may seem daunting, don’t worry personally developing isn’t something you just tick off the list, it’s a continual process and something you should embrace and look forward to.

We look forward to exploring some of these areas with our Syfters within the Syft Community. If you aren’t part of the community and are a Syfter then please join the conversation here.

Syft Community Team