3 top tips for Your Restaurant This Valentine’s Day

Restrictions are lifting just in time for February and the hospitality industry should be prepared for a boom. Consumers are now gaining...

Indeed Flex

22 January 2020

3 min read

Restrictions are lifting just in time for February and the hospitality industry should be prepared for a boom. Consumers are now gaining back their confidence after the threat of the omicron variant leading to an increase in footfall in restaurants.

We’re feeling all soppy, here at Indeed Flex, and with Valentines Day around the corner, we’ve put together our top tips to stand out.

1. Consider some themed touches – but keep it simple

General Manager Costa, of Sergio’s, an Italian restaurant located in the heart of London, says “Every year, we give a stem of a red rose to each couple that comes in. People love flowers on Valentine’s Day.” He adds that Sergio’s has had great success with Valentine’s, but that the main task a hospitality business needs to find out is the balance of where to invest commercial energy. It’s useful to examine how your Valentine’s day ideas have performed in the past and don’t go overboard. “We do put up red balloons and play some romantic music, but we don’t change our menu. We tried making a set menu a few years ago but we didn’t find that effective and we lost customers from it. Now we just stick to our menu that we know works, and let our customers choose as usual.”

2. Get the word out

According to Google Trends, people searching for Valentines Day has already hit a peak over the last 30 days and continues to rise. There is a real buzz about celebrating the day this year so it’s important to make your restaurant easy to find online. Consider promoting your business on social media or through a third-party app like Open Table. The easier it is for people to book in the more likely they are to pick your establishment. Taking bookings will also give you a stronger idea of the numbers to expect.

3. Map out your schedule far in advance

With this year set to be bigger than ever, you don’t want to be caught understaffed. By planning your schedule weeks before the big day, you are not only giving any internal staff the chance to know if they are working – which they will appreciate – but you can also calculate any gaps. With Indeed Flex, you can quickly book temporary hospitality staff. You can look through our network of workers to find the right talent for your needs; from chefs to Front of House and waiting staff.

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