Your Payroll, Tax & Pension Queries Answered

Recently, we’ve had quite a few queries regarding how we operate payroll, tax and pensions, so we’ve put this page together to...

Indeed Flex

15 July 2019

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Recently, we’ve had quite a few queries regarding how we operate payroll, tax and pensions, so we’ve put this page together to collate the information. We’ll make sure to keep it updated as we receive more queries and in the cases where company policy or legislation changes.

What is Indeed Flex’s payroll schedule?

We pay workers a week in arrears to ensure they receive the correct wages on time. Workers receive their wages directly to their bank accounts. The Indeed Flex payroll schedule is as follows: Week 1: Attend your shifts. Week 2: Clients will approve your Timesheets on Tuesday. On Wednesday, you can then check the approved hours on your profile and send in any relevant queries via the app. Week 3: You’ll receive your payslip and wages by midnight on Friday. We’d like to kindly remind you not to message clients about approving timesheets; our dedicated team will follow up on any inquiries you may have. Indeed Flex | Hand holding a phone at desk

How do I access my payslips?

Every Indeed Flex worker active since 01/04/2019 has access to Paycircle. You will find each monthly payslip on Paycircle, which you can view online or download for your files. The information on each payslip includes your total pay (before tax), net pay (after tax), tax amount, pension contribution (if you’ve opted in), and National Insurance.

During a shift, am I allowed to have a break?

For a shift that is six hours or longer, workers are legally allowed to take a 20-minute break. We suggest you check with each shift’s staffing manager to confirm their break arrangements. On Indeed Flex, breaks are currently unpaid as a standard. For shifts shorter than six hours, employers may give you a break at their discretion. Workers need to check their timesheets to confirm that breaks were or weren’t taken, or else they may receive incorrect wages. If you did not have a break but had your wages deducted, please contact our support team to resolve it.  

It seems like I’m paying a lot of tax for the shifts I’m working. Who do I contact?

If you feel your tax code is wrong or needs to be changed, please contact HMRC. Since this is a government process, and each individual case is unique, Indeed Flex is not authorised to change tax codes for workers. More information can be found on the HMRC website. Usually, their phone lines are less busy before 10am, Monday to Friday and on Sundays. After you have contacted HMRC, they will send us an official update notice and we will be able to amend the Indeed Flex system.

Am I required to pay into a pension with Indeed Flex?

No. If you would like to opt out of Nest Pensions, you would need to contact them directly on 0300 020 0393 or via your Nest Pensions Online. You will need to provide them with the details in the welcome pack that’s been posted to you. We are legally required to opt workers into the pension scheme if they meet a certain criteria.