Logistics is the management of the flow of goods between point of origin and point of destination to meet customer and corporate requirements.

Every person in the world is connected to the logistics industry in some way. From the clothes you’re wearing to the phone in your hand, logistics has been responsible for those products reaching you on time, for the right price and in a decent condition. Now is the best time to launch into logistics career, as the benefits are better than ever. Keep reading to understand these great benefits!iStock-530203074-1.jpg

1. Logistics jobs pay more

In 2016 the average salary of a lorry driver rose by 5% and warehouse operatives rose by 3.3%, compared the national average which was only 2%. Although warehousing forms a large part of the UK labour market, there is always a high demand for drivers and warehouse staff, as it is such a huge industry. For this reason, most warehousing companies will offer rewards and incentives to hang on to good employees. As a side note, the highest paying locations for warehousing in the UK are London, Leeds, and Manchester.

2. Do you need a degree to work in logistics?

Most logistics jobs don’t require formal training or degrees. Truck drivers, forklift drivers and warehouse operatives form part of the logistics team, and are managed by mid-level managers and experienced logistics executives. You can be promoted from an entry level job to a Distribution or Warehouse Manager, or even up to Managing Director level if you show enough initiative and are willing to take on more responsibilities.

3. There are plenty of opportunities to progress in a logistics career

There are many levels in a warehousing and logistics career, so the opportunity to advance is very possible if you are committed enough. In this industry, it is common for workers to move up the ranks and stay with the same company for years. However, if the idea of a ‘job for life’ doesn’t suit you, there is always a demand for logistics and warehousing workers in companies all over the world!

4. Logistics careers are everywhere!

Whether you’re in a small town with local door-to-door deliveries, or a large bustling city like London, there will be careers in logistics available! Hotspots of logistics activity are often concentrated around major distribution centres, large sea ports where container traffic is handled, or where motorways meet. From these large centres, goods are normally sent to smaller distribution hubs. These sites will then concentrate on ‘last mile of delivery’ to local stores in smaller towns, where the goods will be sold to the consumers.

5. Logistics careers are engaging

A career in logistics will never be dull. There is always plenty of activity in warehouses; with the variety of tasks the jobs are always kept interesting and you’re constantly learning something new. During Christmas and New Years, majority of retailers, supermarkets and distribution companies are rushed off their feet to meet the demands of clients. Manufacturing companies may slow down production during the holiday season, but see peaks throughout the year. Technological advancements are often taking place to increase efficiency in warehousing operations, which exposes workers to learn about new technologies and be the first ones to try them out! Who knows what may happen with autonomous trucks or platooning? iStock-536309727.jpg

6. Opportunities for women are expanding in logistics

Logistics careers have predominantly been male-dominated, however in recent years, women are starting to integrate into this growing industry. There are many roles which require inputting data and strong communication skills, so if a woman is not comfortable with heavy lifting, there are still many positions available in managerial roles.

7. Logistics opens the doors to international exposure

The logistics industry revolves around travel and transport routes. Many people in this field are able to learn new geographical skills related to travel routes, and even make journeys that require driving across borders. The experience gained from a few years in a logistics career could lead to international job opportunities, with the chance to relocate. Another bonus is the possibility to learn a second language when you work with people from various nationalities.

8 .People working in logistics network and build relationships

If you work from a distribution centre, you can develop good working relationships with colleagues. Sometimes hours can be long, so having close relationships at work are beneficial to assist with motivation. If you choose to be a driver, you may have some lone travels, but with other drivers at welcoming and homely truck stops, it makes the journeys easier. These contacts quickly build up into a network that you can benefit from to advance in your career.