Happy Wednesday everyone! We hope you are heading outside to enjoy the sun if you can. Tomorrow we are running a mindfulness webinar with the lovely Rachel Ashcroft. Rachel is an accredited mindfulness and meditation teacher, so we are thrilled to have her teaching a session for Syft.

We will be running this webinar via Zoom at 11am Thursday 21st May. If you are a Syfter and would like to join the session please email [email protected], George and I will be able to email you the Zoom link to join. 

The session will be targeted towards Mindfulness, Meditation, Reflection and Anxiety Reduction, all interesting topics which each and every one of us can relate to and explore. 

Check out Rachel here: https://mindfulnessnow.org.uk/rachel-ashcroft-accredited-mindfulness-teacher-practitione/

If you have any suggestions or ideas for future webinar ideas, please let us know in the comments, we’d be happy to explore new topics!

Enjoy the weather!


Syft Community Team


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