Is temp staffing right for my business?

Temporary staffing is a lifeline for many businesses, both large and small. The ability to bring in skilled staff ‘as and when’...

Indeed Flex

20 April 2021

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Temporary staffing is a lifeline for many businesses, both large and small. The ability to bring in skilled staff ‘as and when’ they are needed enables businesses to operate on a cost-effective basis and allows them to react to changes in demand for their service, quickly.

This ‘as and when’ staffing has been made easier than ever with the emergence of temp staff apps, connecting employers and workers directly via their smart phones. Temporary workers are used by businesses across a multitude of industries, including; hospitality, catering, construction, nursing, admin and much more.

In recent years, there has been a large increase in demand from employers for temp staff, and in certain industries, it has overtaken the demand for permanent employees. If you are unsure if temp staffing is the right choice for you, this article outlines the benefits that hiring temporary employees can bring to your business.

Grow your business on a limited budget

Hiring new members of staff can be a costly and time consuming exercise. A 2014 report in the HRreview showed that the average cost of hiring a new member of staff is £5,433. If you are a small business you may struggle to cover this cost. It may also stop you increasing your workforce in the fear of going into debt. Instead, using temporary staff may be the ideal solution for you and many other small businesses. Hiring temp staff can be particularly useful for businesses in the catering industry, such as within cafés, restaurants and events companies.

a_2.jpgHire skilled staff when they are needed

Some businesses are affected by ‘seasonal’ or ‘peak’ demands. This means there are certain periods (days or months) where demand for their service or product is higher. Businesses such as café’s, pubs and restaurants are clear examples where demand will be higher on certain days, such as Friday nights and weekends. Or, when certain events take place like Valentine’s Day or Mothering Sunday.

Being able to hire staff ‘as and when’ they are needed, means that as a business owner you can focus your efforts on finding new clients rather than HR issues and provide support in periods of staff absence.

Temporary staff can also be used to provide support to the business during periods of staff absence, such as sickness or holidays. It is not always possible for existing members of staff to cover their colleagues’ shifts or workload. If it is critical to the business that work is completed during staff absence, then hiring experienced temporary workers is an ideal solution.

The temporary member(s) of staff can be brought into the business at short notice and tasked with completing jobs with little training.

temp-staffing-waiters.jpgTry before you hire

It is rarely the case that you get the chance to do this when hiring new staff members. Determining if somebody is the ‘right fit’ for the business is a difficult task. You are relying on the information that is contained in the person’s CV and the impression that you get of them from the interview. In the end, it often comes down to a gut feeling, and sometimes you can get it wrong. If you do get it wrong, it can have a negative effect on the business.

Hiring somebody on a temporary basis gives you the ability to see the quality of their work and to judge how they get on with customers and co-workers. If you and your colleagues think the temporary staff member will be an asset to the business, there is often the option to take them on full time.

Flexible staff structure

Anyone who owns or manages a business understands that whilst it is highly rewarding, it can also be hard work and stressful. It is not just recruiting, training and managing workers that is time-consuming, understanding the myriad of HR regulations and laws can take up a lot of your time.

Hiring temporary staff through an agency such as Indeed Flex means that the burden of dealing with contracts, timesheets and paperwork is taken away from you. Freeing up time for you to focus on what is important; servicing clients and growing the business.

Flexible staffing could be the right choice for your business; contact Indeed Flex to find out more today!