Indeed Flex: Job Retention Scheme and FAQ (Updated 07/06/2021)

Indeed Flex: Job Retention Scheme. Last updated 07.06.2021 I didn’t get a furlough email, why am I not eligible? To be eligible...

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7 June 2021

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Indeed Flex: Job Retention Scheme.

Last updated 07.06.2021

  1. I didn’t get a furlough email, why am I not eligible?

To be eligible for May furlough, workers would have originally been verified for hospitality, would have qualified and received furlough between Mar-Jul, workers must be on Indeed Flex’s payroll 30th October 2020. Workers must also have been active on the app from 1st September 2020. Workers also may not be currently in a full-time or direct temporary contract with Indeed Flex.

  1. How will my furlough wage be calculated?

Your furlough will be calculated in line with the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme guidelines which are 80% of your regular wages up to a cap of £2,500 per month. Your “regular wages” will be whatever you earned through Indeed Flex in the same month 12 months ago (so, for example, for May 2021 it would be May 2019), or 80% of the average of what you earned from Indeed Flex in each month (or part month) of the 2019/20 financial year, whichever is the higher. See the example below:

Example 1:

Sam joined Indeed Flex in Jan 2019 and was paid £1000 gross income from Indeed Flex in the December 2019 PAYE period. Since then, Sam has made a total of £5000 with Indeed Flex from May 2019 to May 2020 for PAYE, so his average monthly earnings would be £5000/12 months in the 2019/20 financial year (May  2019 to March 2020) = £416.67.

If Sam is eligible for May furlough and has accepted the furlough terms in the email, he would be paid 80% of the greater amount, which is 80% x £1000 = £800, subject to tax, national insurance and pensions deductions. The calculations have included holiday pay.

Sam worked 100 hours in May 2020 at a rate of £10 per hour and received a gross salary of £1000. During May 2021, Sam only was able to work for 40 hours due to reduced shifts being posted in his area. Sam would receive flexible furlough which would top up his May 2021 gross salary to £800.

  1. What date will I receive May furlough? When will I be paid?

Those who have opted in to receive May furlough will receive May’s furlough payment on 11th June 2021.

  1. Will you be running the Job Retention Scheme for June?

No, we will be stopping our participation in the Job Retention Scheme this month. We will not be offering furlough after May furlough has been processed. 

  1. Can I still work with other employers/agencies?

You are still permitted to work with other employers. This will not affect your furlough status with Indeed Flex. And if you choose, you are also permitted to volunteer during your furloughed time.

  1. I’m in self-isolation, can I still be furloughed?

Government guidance indicates that “employees on sick leave or self-isolating should get Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) but can be furloughed after this’ ‘. This means for Flexers who are currently on SSP, you will be able to accept being furloughed after you come off sick leave. (Please ensure you provide your SSP certificate within 7 days to qualify for SSP Pay). For Flexer’s who are in self-isolation but do not receive SSP, they can accept to be furloughed now.

  1. Am I able to get furloughed if I have applied for Universal Credit or other grants?

If your salary is reduced as a result of being furloughed, you may be eligible for support through the welfare system, including Universal Credit, as it is means-tested. If you are already on Universal Credit beforehand, and if you’re earning less because you’re on furlough, your Universal Credit payment might change .


  1. How can I see how much I earn each month in 2020/2021?

You can check the payslips on Paycircle. Your previous year’s payments will be calculated on what has been paid.

  1. Will my account be unverified?

No, your  Indeed Flex account will not be unverified regardless of if you choose to opt-in for furlough. In any case, we would encourage you to continue to use the Indeed Flex App to secure work where possible. We will then review your ability to work based on jobs offered within a 10-mile radius from your set location on the app during the current month. If you accept an offer of work, this will have the effect that you will become “flexibly furloughed”, meaning that the amount of pay you receive from that work will be taken into account when establishing how much you are entitled to receive under the furlough scheme.

  1. When will Indeed Flex stop participating in furlough? 

May furlough will be the final month Indeed Flex will participate in the Job Retention Scheme.

  1.  If it is a Government Scheme, why have you set a criteria?

As per Government guidelines, we have to demonstrate that we did not have sufficient work for our workers to qualify for Furlough. As we have seen an increase in shift availability in Industrial, Retail, and Facilities Management on the Indeed Flex app, we are having to demonstrate the impact of no work availability for hospitality workers in their area who had previously had access to work at the same time last year.

  1. What does active on the app mean?

Your active status on the app relates to the last action you took on the  Indeed Flex platform. Examples are: logging in, applying for a job or searching for a job, etc.

  1. How can I check when I was put on Indeed Flex’s payroll?

You should be able to see this from your Paycircle account.

  1. I didn’t receive any job offers so why am I not eligible?

You would not be eligible for furlough if you:

> Did not opt-in

> You received job offers within a 10-mile radius of your location

> You worked more hours in May 2021 than you did in May 2019  (for workers that joined during 2020, it would be the average of hours worked during 2020)

  1. Will the same criteria be used for May furlough?

The same criteria will be used in determining May Furlough. It’s really important to stress here, that we must be consistent in our approach and that we are not deemed to be exploiting the government scheme to our Flexers benefit.

  1. How do you plan to support your workers who aren’t eligible? 

We have been working hard since May 2020 to focus the company on finding work in other industries in which skills are transferable. This has actually been a major success and has seen thousands switch to new industries and thus be able to support themselves. With regards to trying to encourage hospitality clients to book workers via us we have removed all fees so they just have to pay your wages however this has had a minimal impact so far and we are looking at extending this offer into the new year in the hope that by us not charging anything to clients they will be more likely to book.

As the Government has announced the roadmap for the future we are hopeful that in the coming months we will see an increase in the number of hospitality roles being offered.  The best thing to do is to keep an eye on the app and keep active, making sure your preferences and availability are fully up to date to have the most opportunity to get back into work.

  1. Now I’m not eligible for furlough, how can I get access to new roles and work opportunities?

Just message the support team via live chat within the app and we will do our best to ensure you have access to as many roles as possible depending on your experience and qualifications. We will also be able to advise you on which clients are providing work regularly.

  1. When will I be paid May furlough?

All eligible workers will be paid on 11th June 2021