How to retain great employees

Whether you employ a team of full-time staff or hire temporary workers, staff retention should be at the top of your priority...

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26 March 2019

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Whether you employ a team of full-time staff or hire temporary workers, staff retention should be at the top of your priority list. A stressful and negative working environment can cause full-time employees to leave and can put temporary staff off from working with you. Having little to no reliable staff is bad for business, so if you take care of the employees you have, they will take good care of your customers, helping you grow your business. To find out how you can retain great employees, read our top 4 employee retention ideas.


It’s important to communicate with staff especially new employees and set out what their exact job duties are, company policies and how their performance will be evaluated. This ensures that everyone knows exactly what is expected of them, leaving no room for confusion. Employees that know exactly how to do their job and receive feedback on how well they are doing will be much happier than those left to their own devices.

It’s important for you to communicate with your staff but it’s even more important that you make employees aware that they can communicate with you. Whether it’s to let you know about a great idea they’ve had or to discuss something that could be working better, listening to what they have to say will make them feel part of the business and that their opinions are valued.

Value your employees

Employees spend the vast majority of their time at work keeping your business going so it’s important that they feel valued and respected. Be sure to treat your team fairly and acknowledge when employees have done a good job. There are plenty of ways of acknowledging a job well done from verbal praise, employee of the month awards to reward incentives, such as their favourite food or drink. Benefits such as these will not only reward the hard work of employees but also encourage the rest of your team to strive for the same praise.

Encourage teamwork

Encourage your team to work together as they’ll achieve more than they would do individually. Reinforcing a collaborative working environment will demonstrate to you who takes naturally to a leadership role whilst letting individuals talents shine. Just be sure to clarify team objectives, roles and encourage everyone to contribute to ensuring that everyone is on the same page. Working as a team helps employees feel connected to their place of work and encourages good communication skills.

Connect with your team

Although it’s important to have clear employer and employee boundaries, connecting and getting to your team makes the working day much more enjoyable for all. Simply asking about their weekend and their hobbies mean you’ll get to know your team better and gain a better understanding of their strengths and skills. It will also make them feel more valued as a person and that you are interested in what they have to say.

Now that you know how to retain employees, it’s time to make sure you’ve got the best team of staff to help your business grow. Download the Indeed Flex app and find professional, dependable temporary staff.