How to prepare your team for peak season

Alongside the current staffing shortage, we are about to enter peak season with some of the busiest dates for organisations – especially...

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21 October 2021

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Alongside the current staffing shortage, we are about to enter peak season with some of the busiest dates for organisations – especially across the hospitality and industrial sectors. It is vital that organisations make the necessary preparations to increase productivity. This includes posting any shifts and booking in staff well in advance to avoid disappointment.

What is this year looking like for peak season?

The general consensus across expert predictions for this Christmas is that consumers want to make up for the lost time. People want to make this year extra special due to the last year being impacted by restrictions and lockdowns.

Retail sales this Christmas will revert to pre-pandemic patterns according to research. This is going to put extra pressure on supply chains to meet the demand. Forbes says “In order to meet their customer’s needs and therefore boost sales, businesses need to plan ahead, especially with regard to stock quantities.”

For hospitality, we are already seeing Christmas bookings exceeding all expectations. With the current staff shortage, organisations in this sector need to be well prepared to maximise profits.

Here are 6 handy tips to help you excel through peak season and become stronger from the other side.

1. Prepare your schedule well in advance 

Staffing for peak season requires a fine balance; the gap between understaffing and overstaffing can often be very narrow yet can heavily impact productivity and your bottom line. 

Changing demand is one of the most prominent reasons for using our network of reliable workers. Planning your rota well in advance, understanding where the gaps are, then building your own bank of temporary workers will ensure you’re prepared for the busier times.  

The earlier you can post your shifts on the Indeed Flex platform, the more likely you are to have them filled.

According to our data, last-minute job postings (within 3 days) compared to postings at least 2 weeks in advance are:

  • 71% more likely to have empty shifts
  • 98% more likely to no show

to post a job now 

2. Work on your employee experience 

Through organisation review websites like Glassdoor, workers can get an opinion of your business at the click of a button. If you have a positive online presence, you are more likely to have more workers wanting to attend shifts for you. Speak to your current team to find out what they love about working for you and where you could improve their experience. Making small steps towards a happier work environment will encourage workers to be more productive as well as massively increasing your fulfilment rate when you need it.

3. Utilise data to make informed decisions

Workforce management should be driven by efficient practices and trustworthy data.  The Indeed Flex+ platform provides real-time reporting dashboards for a holistic view of performance. You can access actionable insights on shift fulfilment, repeat worker rate, average worker rating and forecasted spend. Use this to make smart and informed staffing decisions throughout the peak season. 

4. Optimise your processes

Take full advantage of the Indeed Flex platform by streamlining your workforce management processes.  Staff can clock in and out with ease through the intelligent attendance tracking feature. It connects to their location, ensuring they are on-site when they check-in. You’ll have an accurate timesheet at all times, ready for you to export in seconds.

5. Communication is key

Keep your workers in the loop at all times. Last-minute changes are unavoidable during peak times but by sending out regular updates, you’re minimising the possibility of mistakes. The Indeed Flex employee messaging system allows you to send out a message to a select few or to your whole workforce when needed. When you’re posting shifts to your contingent workforce, take full advantage of the information you can share with the workers. Give a detailed job description, attach a detailed uniform brief and be clear about how to find your venue to help the worker feel fully supported before they attend.

6. Consider the health and wellbeing of your staff

The effectiveness of your peak season will ultimately come down to your workforce. Before getting swept up in the excitement of peak, make sure provisions have been put in place to ensure your workers’ welfare is at the forefront. The increased demand, without proper consideration, can lead to stressed-out teams – increasing the risk of employee burnout. High burnout rates have little to do with individual employees and everything to do with company culture and operations. Before the busy period commences, consider how you will recognise and reward your staff as well as ensuring they keep an acceptable work-life balance.

If at any point you need some personalised advice for your organisation, reach out to your account manager – we are here to help.

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