Employee clock in and out made easy

Easy to use QR scanner

Have immediate access to attendance

Employee hours automatically calculated for you

Reduce errors and paperwork

Streamline your Processes

Save time on admin through our attendance tracking feature. The software keeps track of employee’s completed hours for you.

Your staffing manager will simply scan each worker’s QR code in the app, streamlining the beginning and end of every shift. Timesheets are populated automatically as employees clock in and out so you no longer need to collect paper timesheets from your staff and calculate the hours.

Shift Tracking

Gain complete visibility across your team and locate exactly who is turning up to each shift. You can compare worked and scheduled hours which allows you to easily monitor absence or lateness.

We use intelligent location tracking technology to guarantee employees can only clock in and out if they are on site. At the click of a button, you can view who is on shift, identify anyone running late or on break.

Export your timesheets for payroll

Once a worker clocks in and out, you can then approve the timesheet giving you a full overview of all hours worked and all the costs. It’s easy to export the timesheet as a CSV and pass it onto your finance team without any errors.

With Indeed Flex you can trust the working hours to be accurate and precise, giving you more time to focus on other important tasks.

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