How Exercise can Boost Your Career

How Exercise Can Boost Your Career You don’t need to have an obsession to be an endurance athlete or a gym pro...

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21 July 2020

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How Exercise Can Boost Your Career

You don’t need to have an obsession to be an endurance athlete or a gym pro in order to make exercise part of your routine for a few hours each week. While we’re sure you would like to have the dedication of a top athlete, the reality is we all have busy schedules and lives to get on with, which sometimes doesn’t always give us the flexibility to work out whenever we please, but we should certainly try.

Over the past few years a number of studies have taken place which looked into the correlation between our physical health, well being and our careers, and in particular how exercise can improve our productivity levels at work. 

So what would happen if we prioritsed our physical health? I’m sure you’ve seen the advice given during lockdown and via the media, that professionals recommend 30 minutes a day will improve your health. We certainly think that’s do-able!

We’ve scanned the web and found 5 ways in which exercise can boost your career and performance. 

Eliminate Fatigue 

You may not be aware of it, but working out and exercising can help eliminate fatigue which, of course can help you feel more alert, on the ball and energised while at work. It’s important to not just rely on coffee or other energy drinks you consume, why not try producing some natural endorphins and get moving! 

Improve Job Performance

The Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine stated that moderate physical activity was positively related to both quality of work performed and overall job performance. Improving your cardiovascular activity can have a direct impact on the quantity and quality of work you produce.

Boost Self Confidence 

We want all of our workers to feel their best when stepping onto a shift booked through Indeed Flex. Therefore why not pay attention to your physical health and exercise in order to boost your self confidence. The Journal of Health Psychology also researched the correlation and concluded that performing the same exercise week on week can add tremendous benefits to self esteem and confidence at work.

Control Work Absences 

Although there are many instances where we can not control having a day off work, such as for sickness or health reasons, we may be able to reduce the number of work absences by simply improving our activity levels. The more active we are the healthier we become and in turn this will reduce the amount of work absences. 

Reduce Stress

The University of Bristol looked into the correlation between exercising regularly and stress reduction at work. 72% of participants in their study found their time management skills improved and therefore decreased their overall stress levels throughout the day. For those who exercise regularly I’m sure you would agree that it can help you wind down after a long day or equally start your day feeling energised and motivated. It’s no surprise that by putting your efforts into something that keeps you active can help you remain calm and a little more stress free!  

Like every other facet of your life, your career can be impacted by your own physical health therefore we encourage you to pay attention to it by making sure you are taking the necessary steps in order to look after yourself and your body.  

Take care,

Indeed Flex Community Team


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