Flexer tips: How to get more job offers

From now until the end of December we see a significant increase in Industrial, Delivery Driver and Hospitality roles available across the...

Sam Price

1 November 2022

5 min read

From now until the end of December we see a significant increase in Industrial, Delivery Driver and Hospitality roles available across the UK.

We want you to maximise your chances of landing those roles, so here are our top tips to help you get as many shifts as possible during peak season.

Work preferences

Time and availability: We have shifts posted 24/7. If you choose specific times when you’re available (for example, day shifts or early mornings), we’ll send you work that matches those times – that’s the beauty of the app; you choose the schedule that suits you. So, remember to keep your availability up to date.

To edit your availability, simply go to Profile > Work Preferences > Time & Availability.  

Pay rate:  Set the pay rate you know to be right for your industry or level of skill (for example a head chef would expect to earn more than a sous chef). However, if you want to see every shift available in your area, set your pay rate to £10.42 per hour.

To update your pay rate go to Profile, tap the pencil icon in the top right corner, and tap on the pay rate.

Location preferences: As a Flexer, you could work anywhere in the UK, so set your preferred location to the area that works for you, to get relevant job offers. If, for example, you’re travelling to visit family and friends this winter, or you’re a student returning to your home town from your university town, update your location.

To do this, simply go to Profile > Work Preferences > Location Preferences > Travel Distance. You can then update your current location and set your radius. Setting your radius to 20 miles, will allow you to access more shifts.

Skills and experience

Sell, sell, sell – make your bio work for you: Your professional summary (or ‘bio’) is your one big chance to sell yourself to employees – your stage, of sorts –  and tell them who you are and why they should hire you. Use clear, simple language and be sure to represent your skills, strengths and experiences. 

To edit your professional summary go to Profile, tap the pencil icon in the top right corner and tap the box to the left to edit. Here’s a good example of a strong bio: I am an efficient worker with an eye for detail, who puts the customer at the center of everything I do. In my working career I have worked as a barista at Starbucks for 6 months making an extensive range of coffees and cold drinks. I have 6 months experience as a waiter, taking food orders and serving customers at Miller & Carter. In addition, I am a trained bartender and I have been working at The Alchemist as a trained mixologist for 18 months. 

Work experience – what have you actually done? Employers want to see what you’ve actually done, where you’ve worked, and how that relates to their role, so it’s a smart move to upload your previous work experience. This will give you the best chance of being offered shifts by employees on the lookout for Flexers with the background/experience they need.

To add work experience, go to Profile > Skills & Experiences  > tap the pencil icon in the top right corner, then tap the ‘Add’ button. Once you’ve added your experience, click ‘Done’.

Variety is the spice of life: get verified for different types of roles – another perk of the app is that you can get verified for multiple roles you may never have done before, thanks to our convenient in-app training. 

To see the roles you’re already verified for, go to Profile > Skills & Experiences > Show more. You’ll then see a list, showing every role available on our app, including those you’re already verified for. 

If you’re going for new roles, you may need to be interviewed for some. For others (such as Warehouse Operative, Kitchen Porter, Picker Packer), you can complete training in the app and get verified immediately without the need for an interview.

Above all, be flexible – make yourself as widely available as possible (provided that fits with your lifestyle) in terms of when and where you’re happy to work, and try out all different roles, giving you a diverse skill set – something which employees value highly and which allows you to access multiple industries/sectors. And be prepared to impress: have a good attitude to work, dress appropriately, show up on time.

Do the little things right and employees will be only too happy to have you back again. And getting a good star rating from those employees lets other employees know you’re worth considering for their roles. Simply put: be your best self.