You spoke, we listened

We like to learn from our Flexers – it’s the only way we can grow and improve upon the service we offer...

Indeed Flex

9 August 2023

3 min read

We like to learn from our Flexers – it’s the only way we can grow and improve upon the service we offer you. So, In April, we sent out a survey to understand your experience with Indeed Flex. Due to the overwhelming response we got, we’re now much better placed to understand just how we’re doing; from the good to the bad, and everything in between. So, what did you have to say, and what are our next steps?

What we’re getting right

75% chart 85% chart
  • Pay: over 75% of you in the UK believe that you’re paid fairly for the work you do.
  • Over 85% of you are clear on what’s expected of you after reading our job descriptions

What makes us unique, in your eyes


At Indeed Flex, we strive to offer you temporary work that fits your lifestyle. So, we were only too pleased to hear that being able to choose your own schedule, and having fast access to work through the app is what makes us unique, in your opinion.   

Freedom of choice over when you get paid

The ability to choose when you get paid, whether on the same day on which you’ve worked a shift or the following week, definitely seems to be working for you. A significant proportion of you said that being able to access up to 50% of your wages as soon as you clock out, was of real benefit. To read more about Same Day Pay, please click here.  

What’s not so good (and how we’re working to fix it)

28% chart Only 28% of you can always find a job on our app when you need one. We hear you – you’d like to see more shifts on the app We get just as frustrated as you when those shifts aren’t around, as we know this is difficult for those of you who are looking for more consistent work with us. In light of this, we’re doing the following:

  • Our account management team is working harder than ever, with our current employers, to provide more consistent shift volumes
  • We’ve cut down on recruitment and are only actively recruiting new Flexers in areas where we don’t already have Flexers for available shifts
  • We’re working on our job-matching process, to ensure that you see the right shifts at the right time
  • It also goes without saying that we’re always actively looking for new clients to provide shifts for you

 Some of you could have received better support

We totally get how important it is to have reliable support available when you need it. You’ve been honest with us, and it’s clear our support team has, on occasion, fallen short. We’ve noted this, and we’re working to improve our offering. Here’s what we’re doing to fix things:

  • Organising comprehensive training sessions for our support team, to boost their skills and knowledge
  • Conducting regular quality checks on interactions, to identify any issues and improve the support provided
  • Improving our in-app educational materials and FAQs, so that you can get hold of the information you need more easily


The feedback we get from you is priceless, as it allows us to learn how we can grow, and improve upon the service we offer you. We’ll check in again over the coming months, to hear about how you’re finding the app. Ultimately, we aim to offer you the best version of Indeed Flex that we can, so your views will always be greatly appreciated.  

Until next time, Indeed Flex