Mondays are the new Fridays… or so that was the case this week, as we hosted the Flex Allstars Party – a celebration of our most active Flexers. It was a night of celebration, laughter, and dancing, dedicated to honouring the hard work of the Flexers who embody the spirit of Indeed Flex.

Our Flexers are the reason parcels are delivered on time, shelves are stacked, food is prepared – you get the jist – so that’s why it’s important that we give back to them.

This party was not just about recognising the dedication and hard work they do through Indeed Flex, but also about rekindling the joy of coming together for the first time after the pandemic. Throwing shin-digs for our Flexers was one of the many things we missed most during the pandemic, and it’s fair to say that we’ve been known to throw a pretty decent party or two over the years.

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The Flex Allstars Party was nothing short of spectacular. One thing is for sure, our Flexers know how to party.  The atmosphere was electric from the moment Flexers started arriving. The fashion stakes were also incredibly high as everyone certainly dressed to impress.

Indeed Flex Co-Founder Novo Constare also hit up the dance floor and partied with the Flexers on the night. He added, “Tonight is recognition for all the hard work that you guys (Flexers) have done, and I really hope you’ve enjoyed tonight.”

Flex Allstars Party 2023

After what was a night to remember, we’re so excited for the next party already. And don’t worry, we will be throwing them across all major UK regions! So keep an eye out for your invite…