Congratulations to Bismillah for Working 1,000 Shifts with Indeed Flex!

At Indeed Flex, we are fostering a community where Flexers look to us for not only great well-paid, flexible shifts with some...

Indeed Flex

3 December 2021

3 min read

At Indeed Flex, we are fostering a community where Flexers look to us for not only great well-paid, flexible shifts with some of the UK’s leading clients but for consistency. We are proud of the diverse nature of work we offer on our platform and are thrilled to sit down and speak with Bismillah to learn more about his Journey with Indeed Flex.

He is one of many Flexers who’s taken full advantage of our diverse shift offering. Working over 1,000 shifts on the Flex platform, let’s find out what he’s learned while working in the temporary working world and what advice he would give to individuals looking to follow in his footsteps.

Hey Bismillah! Let’s start at the beginning; why did you join the Indeed Flex platform? 

I joined Indeed Flex because other agencies weren’t giving me enough work at the time. I had three agencies on the go! I’ve been doing agency work for 20 years now. I ended up doing agency work because I couldn’t find a job that paid well enough.

How would you debunk any stereotypes of temp work?

The work that I do is purposeful. As an agency worker, I am doing the most productive work there is, I go there, and there is always an objective.

What three words would a client use to describe you?

Reliable, I get the job done well and quickly! I would say methodical as well.

Can you remember your first shift with us?

The first one was with Hovarda, a night club and I worked there as a bartender. I tend to be good at bar back work because I like to keep going.

What’s been a shift highlight at Indeed Flex?

There was a Slam Dunk festival. I made a significant amount of money with them. When I was there, it was 2019; they didn’t have enough bartenders. It was constant; I liked the buzz of it and the energy of the place. All the customers were very friendly. I was proud to deliver something exceptional for them. That’s one highlight.

What advice would you give a Flexer aiming for 1,000 shifts?

I would say to stick with it and be patient. Constantly explore new things because Indeed Flex gives you access to many different types of jobs. You can either choose to do one job or, like me, I like to do a variety of shifts. I want to have a choice. My circumstances play a big part in why I do this, my family. I do this to support myself and my family, and Indeed Flex pays a lot more than other agencies.

Advice to someone who has just joined the platform?

These apps are liberating. Indeed Flex is a stand out because of their vast range of jobs. There are so many jobs, and you could work so many places. It’s a never-ending thing – I keep seeing new companies, and I’m curious, and I want to see what it’s like. It’s the variety of jobs and that you can choose the jobs you want.

Thank you, Bismillah! You are a fantastic member of the Flexer community, and we are proud to have you. 

It’s people like Bismillah that make up the heartbeat of our Flexer community; we are proud to offer our clients hard-working, passionate, and committed temporary workers daily through the Indeed Flex platform. Congratulations again, Bishmillah, on working 1,000 shifts with Indeed Flex!

Here’s to 1,000 more!

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