How Syft easily fits into your lifestyle

Claudia has been working for Syft for a number of weeks now – we wanted to get a feel of how Syft factors into our workers’ lifestyles so we asked for a short diary to explain, from start to finish, the process of applying to working to being paid – take a look! iStock-95480418.jpg


I attended my induction with Syft a month ago, and have done several shifts since then. After I worked five shifts, I got access to Perkbox, which allowed me to get a 20% discount for GYMBOX, amazing! During my workout today, I saw a notification from Syft pop up on my phone with a job offer for this coming week at Kensington Rooftop Bar, for a great rate of £9.50 per hour The shift is for this Monday, and luckily I am free to work!Before accepting the offer, I checked the uniform requirements to make sure that I had the required uniform – white shirt, black tie and smart black trousers. I do not yet have a black tie, but tomorrow I plan to go to Primark and get one, so I accepted the job offer. It now appears in the ‘My Jobs’ section of the app.


I managed to get a black tie at Primark which only cost £3 and I can use it for many other jobs! When I logged into the app I could confirm attendance for my shift, which is available 48 hours before the shift in the ‘My Jobs’ section. In the evening, I got a call from Tola at Syft to confirm my attendance for the morning shift, asking if I knew the venue location and if I had the correct uniform, which I confirmed. She told me the calls are only for new Syfters, and once I become trusted I will only have to confirm attendance via the app.Day in life - image.jpg


I checked Citymapper and it told me that the journey would take 35 minutes to reach the venue. I made sure I left my house with an hour to spare, in case trains were delayed! I made it to the bar at 7:45am, and met the manager who clocked me in using the QR scanner on their phone.The manager then briefed myself and the two other Syfters working. We had a very productive shift, worked well together and had fun too. At the end of the shift, the manager clocked us out on the app using the QR scanner again. The manager was really impressed with our work, so if they have another shift available, I would definitely work again!

For those seeking flexible work – Syft has you covered! Like Claudia, we support our staff with multiple, well-paid shifts and benefits that no other agency offers! We’d like to think of our Syfters as one big family and as you can see above, our platform can be used in a number of ways to fit a number of lifestyles – hopefully after reading this, you’ll be able to see how Syft can work for you, too!