Are your Syfter friends constantly getting rebooked on shifts? Wondering how you too can get in on the action? Well, luckily for you, we’ve put our collective heads together and whipped up a list of 7 traits that can turn you into the worker that everyone wants to hire. Your success as a worker not only comes down to how hard you work but also the type of impression you make on an employer. If you’re having issues with any of the points below, you may want to work on improving them so that you can increase your chances of getting rebooked on future shifts!
Be punctual
Are you that person that is always running to catch the bus? If so, then it’s time you bought a LOUD alarm clock. Not something that will make a couple of peeps. No, we mean, get a clock that can wake the guy that is three floors up from you!

Punctuality is very important when you are a temp worker. Make sure you are not late by getting your things organised the night before so you are not rushing around in the morning. Know where you are going and how you are going to get there. If you are using public transport, check first thing in the morning for any delays. Citymapper is a super-helpful app/website that also includes live updates so you can get around London or Manchester with the greatest of ease!iStock-578819004-1.jpgKnow how to connect
Knowing how to make a connection with people is extremely important for temp workers. You could find yourself working with different people daily. Being able to judge what level of friendliness is appropriate will help you to ‘jell’ with your colleagues and managers.When on breaks or after the shift has ended and you’re chatting with colleagues, it is a good idea to keep the conversation to general topics and not to get involved in personal chit-chat. So, avoid asking (and answering) questions on personal matters. At the end of the day, you’re there, being paid, to do a job and not to chit-chat!iStock-698903804.jpgHave a poker face
Temp workers are often expected to come into the business and hit the ground running (or sprinting in most cases). At times, this can be stressful as you might not get the necessary level of on-site briefing.In this situation, you need to show your employer that you can stay calm, collected and do the best job you can. If you feel yourself becoming stressed or overwhelmed take a minute to refocus and calm down. If things continue to spiral out of control, speak to your manager. Syft Support is always around to speak to as well, should you have any worries about your work!iStock-627130300.jpg

Look the part
It’s important to remember that you are an ambassador for the company you are working for. Your appearance and how you dress will reflect on how people will view the business. If they haven’t explained in specific enough detail what you should wear, or haven’t provided you with a uniform, it is better to be overdressed than under-dressed. Ripped jeans, trainers and T-shirts won’t cut it we’re afraid. But, smart black trousers, a white shirt and comfortable shoes, will!.iStock-178456953.jpg
Be flexible
Be willing to go the extra mile for your employer. Before you panic, we don’t mean that you should be physically bending over backwards but it would be great if you show employers that you are open to taking on different roles. Employers want people to hire temp workers that are flexible and adaptable. They use Syft to get access to amazing people like you who are skilled in a variety of roles, so be it cloakroom, customer service, waiting tables or something more, embrace the flexibility of the role should an employer wish to use your skills elsewhere in their company. A great temp worker is willing to go with the flow and do what is required.
Be positive
Sometimes, you have a shift but you feel like you’re under a cloud and lacking your usual sunny disposition – that’s alright, it happens to all of us! However, displaying this negativity at work will only end up making your chances of repeat work worse. Employers are keen to work with people that are enthusiastic and happy to be there. Overwhelm your employer with positivity. Arrive at the job with a ‘can-do’ attitude and show them that you are the best temp worker they’ve ever worked had. Show them that you are willing to do things the way they want, don’t complain when they ask you to do something differently and most importantly, smile!
Don’t be a slacker
As a temp worker, the key to getting rebooked is working hard. This means doing what you are asked to and doing it well. It also means in quieter times, you should be checking-in with your manager if there is anything else you can do. Whilst it may be tempting to quickly check Facebook or Instagram to see what your mates are up to, it doesn’t look good if you are caught doing it. Save personal things for your break times and focus your energy on staying engaged with your work!