University is the best time of your life, or so they say! It’s great fun living with your friends, studying and having fun the majority of the time before you head out into the big wide world. However, sometimes you need a little helping hand to balance everything and make life a little bit easier when there’s SO much going on.From apps that help with studying, to relaxing, to living with friends and staying safe on nights out; we’ve compiled a list of 7 apps we think are essential for students.

Do these messages sound familiar to you?
‘PLEASE could you transfer me that £7 for the internet or I WILL keep drinking your milk!?’
‘I can’t transfer you any money until you give me your bank details!!! x’
No more sending passive aggressive messages to your housemates and wasting precious studying drinking time trying to get friends to transfer money for bills – or for those 10 Jagerbombs your friend insisted on having that time he left his debit card at pre-drinks and PROMISED he’d transfer you the money! Payfriendz makes it as easy to send and request money to friends, as it is to send a tweet. It’s totally secure and totally FREE (they promise it always will be, too!).You can find out more about Payfriendz here.

Download on Android here and on iOS here!

Relax Melodies
Any student will agree that in order to have tonnes of fun and go crazy at University, AND keep your grades up, you need to master one skill in particular. Tactical napping!

Relax Melodies is a free app that really does it all when it comes to napping, sleeping and relaxing. It helps you to reach your optimum nap sleep state with brainwave frequencies (fancy, right?), so you’ll never wake up feeling foggy-headed and grumpy again.Relax Melodies app not only trains you in this essential skill, it’s also a great meditation and yoga companion, offering 52 free sounds to really send you into that deep state of relaxation and help you take your mind off deadlines.

It also offers 5-day programs to reach specific sleep goals and over 30 life coaching session to help you with all sorts of issues you may be experiencing. If you really become a sleeping and relaxation guru, there’s the option to invest in your new life of napping with a paid subscription, offering even more features.

Download Relax Melodies on iOS for free here and Android here and start napping smartly!


Self Control
It happens to the best of us. You’re powering through the dreaded dissertation, finally getting somewhere and PING!

Joe Bloggs tagged you in an extremely important meme and you must stop everything you are doing, jeopardise your future, and ‘like’ this meme.
5 hours later: you are still browsing memes and your dissertation is merely a distant memory.
You NEED Self Control. Self Control blocks all social media (and any other distracting sites) on your laptop for a set amount of time. Simply create your block list and set your timer and you’ll be writing thousands of beautifully un-distracted words in no time.And seriously – once you’ve set your timer, Self Control does NOT allow you by any means to turn it off until the time is up. It’s very stubborn. You have no choice but to get a first now!
Unfortunately, Self Control is only available for Mac OS X 10.7+ but it’s so effective it was definitely worth a mention. Download here
If you find yourself in the frustrating predicament of being really strapped for cash but not having the time to commit to a part-time job on top of studying then Syft is perfect for you! Syft is an app that connects casual workers directly to hospitality employers (a bit like a Tinder for picking up shifts!) and allows workers to apply for shifts and work however little or often they like. You choose where, when and how often you work – complete flexibility! You can read more about Syft here.A huge bonus is that Syft pays a minimum of £9.00 p/h and you’ll be paid regularly – ideal for when you’re running out of beer money at the end of your student loan!Download Syft on iOS here and Android here, create a profile and select ‘get verified’ to start Syfting.


One of the biggest arguments amongst students is splitting chores. Some friends nail it – they have their weekly rota, they all stick to their chores and live in perfect, clean harmony. BUT – most students don’t. Splitting chores can cause WWIII amongst friends and results in living in a complete mess fuelled by laziness and stubbornness!Chorma solves this issue so well! The app allows to organise chores amongst friends (without having to hold that awkward household meeting) and gives it a fun twist with a rewards scheme.Of course, Chorma can’t physically FORCE your housemate to take the bin out or wash their dishes from 3 weeks ago (in which case, we’d recommend getting new housemates) but it makes the assignment and tracking of chores super easy, and it’s free.

Download Chorma on iOS here.

OurGroceries does what it says on the tin. It helps you synchronize your household shopping lists!All students will appreciate that fridge space is limited in student households! There simply isn’t room for 4 cartons of milk and 50 tubs of butter. OurGroceries allows housemates to create shopping lists, synchronize lists and tick off as you go along, so you know what you need and whether anyone else has bought it!

By synchronizing shopping lists, you’re bound to save money! No-one needs 50 tubs of butter.It also has a cool recipe feature so you can split your lists into meals, too!

Download OurGroceries on iOS here and on Android here.

companion-app.pngCompanion App
On a more serious note – it can be quite daunting moving away from home and suddenly living totally autonomously! It’s really important to ensure your safety comes first, especially on nights out, and Companion App is a great, well, companion, to help you do so.

You add your friends/family as ‘companions’ to the app, and simply enter your destination. They can see where you are and you can also notify them when you feel unsafe. You can contact police directly via the app, too. Companion monitors your journey and calculates whether you may be in danger – it’ll ask you if you’re okay and if you don’t respond within a certain amount of time, it will automatically contact your ‘companions’ to let them know something might be wrong.

Companion is perfect for when making your way home from a night out, particularly alone, or when you’re heading off into a new area and are feeling a bit unsure. It gives you that confidence boost with an extra layer of security.

Download Companion on iOS here and on Android here