It’s World Book Day today! We’ve selected some essential and interesting books for our Syfters and also employers, who may want to read and enhance their skills, or even just a fun reading during your breaks!


For bartenders, the book you need for cocktails

Need new ideas for the next cocktail recipes? Re-visit this classic cocktail book with 500 recipes by Dale DeGroff. The Craft of the Cocktail will refresh your memories of the classics as well as offering other useful information including how to set up a bar, how to master important cocktail techniques, and use tools correctly.


For the Front of House

Great restaurant service is an art. Not only it requires skills and experiences, but also a positive attitude and mentality. Front of the House: Restaurant Manners, Misbehaviors & Secrets is a humorous behind-the-scenes read for those who wants to know the insider’s view at restaurant management and front-of-house management. This is recommended for any restaurant manager and front of house manager, who love their work and sometimes the madness and challenges about it, and how to handle them with calmness and integrity.


For Restauranteurs

Whether you are managing an independent restaurant or a chain, this one-stop guide, Restaurant Success by the Numbers, from accountant-turned-restaurateur is the book you need if you want to drill down on numbers and metrics that will bring your restaurant success.

Roger Fields shows how a restaurant can survive its first year and keep loyal diners coming back. The book covers the logistics of opening a restaurant: concept, location, menu, ambience, staff, and, most importantly, profit. It also discusses recent food trends such as food trucks, pop-up restaurants and how to leverage social media, review sites and online platforms such including Groupon, Yelp, Trip Advisor, Instagram and Twitter.


For everyone in hospitality

What’s hospitality? Does it only apply to the customers? Danny Meyer suggests the “enlightened hospitality” paradigm in this landmark book, Setting the Table: The Transforming Power of Hospitality in Business.

The innovative approach to the power of hospitality suggests the first and most important application of hospitality is to the people who work for you, and then, in descending order of priority, to the guests, the community, the suppliers, and the investors. This revolutionary thinking challenges the more traditional business models on their heads, but Danny Meyer, a successful Restaurateur, considers it the foundation of every success that he and his restaurants have achieved.


For Restaurateurs and Marketers

In the digital era, one common challenge that Restaurant Managers face is how to market your brand online effectively. With the rise of social media, from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest to even Snapchat, the topic is an on-going challenge and hot topic.

Learn how to get your raving fans to be your tribe and influencers online in this book Build Your Tribe: The New Marketing Manifesto For Restaurants, Bars And Cafés. Susanne Currid introduces you to the concept of tribe-building and explains how you can integrate this dynamic new strategy into your restaurant, bar or café marketing plan. This book will also show you how to: engage with your most valuable customers online, in venue and at events, create your marketing dream team, identify the best social media channels for your business, turbo-charge your marketing with the latest low-cost digital marketing tools, successfully deliver your marketing plan by applying the latest project management techniques, fill more tables and increase sales in your venue and more.


For Chefs & Future Chefs

Journalist-turned-Chef, Michael Ruhlman, learned his culinary arts at the Culinary Institute of America, one of the world’s oldest and most influential cooking school a decade ago. But The Making of a Chef is not just about holding a knife or slicing an onion; it’s also about the nature and spirit of being a professional cook and the people who enter the profession.

Whether you have been to a culinary arts education institute or not, you’ll find the heartfelt moment in this vivid and compelling memoir, and a respect for this profession.