5 Ways to Make Your job Post Stand out from the Rest

Syft is the hassle free way to hire trained, talented and temporary staff in your industry. But how do you make your...

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21 November 2018

3 min read

Syft is the hassle free way to hire trained, talented and temporary staff in your industry. But how do you make your job posting stand out from the rest? We’ve put together our top 5 creative ways to advertise job openings and how to attract the best candidates.

1. Clear and concise job title

This may sound obvious but you’d be surprised at how many employers fall at the first hurdle. It may be that your making the job title sound fancier than it actually is, such as “production engineer”, meaning warehouse operative. Or you’re over complicating the job title because the role requires the management of a variety of different tasks, such “director of first impressions”, meaning receptionist. The title may be clear to you but it may not be clear to others. Try to use clear and concise job titles that explain what the job is. Candidates are more likely to search and apply for roles that they recognise.

2. Detailed description

Your job description needs to be to the point giving potential applicants clarity of the role they are applying for. Why not bullet point the top 5 or 7 responsibilities of the position with a sentence describing each point. Be sure to also include your top requirements for the job, such as qualifications, previous experience and the type of qualities you are looking for in a person.

3. Show some personality

Applicants want to know they will be happy in their place of work and job postings can often come across quite serious. If you’re a cool trendy bar with a friendly working atmosphere, try to convey this by the type of language used in the advertisement. Or if a relaxed tone isn’t appropriate for your business then mention the company culture and benefits of working for you, such as social events, team lunches or job perks. This allows prospective applicants to know that they will be working in a positive environment.

4. Why should they work for you

Remember that you are trying to attract the best possible candidates so shout about the things that make you different and unique to your competitors. When writing your job post, include your future plans for the job or business as a whole. Applicants are attracted to organisations that show signs of growth and that there career development opportunities. This is also a good opportunity to mention your brand values and beliefs allowing employees to feel part of something bigger and that they are valued in their role.

5. Finishing touches

Finally, make sure that all the relevant and important information is in there. This includes the correct contact information, address and location of the job, expected working hours, transport links and local amenities.

The syft app gives you total control of who you hire in comparison to other temp agencies so it’s crucial to make the most of your job post to get the best results. Try the Syft app today and see how simple it is recruit skilled staff for your business.