For hospitality workers and temp staff, knowing exactly what to wear to a shift can be tricky. Every job is different and every employer may expect something different. There are some essential items that will get you ready for most hospitality shifts.

Most employers will provide clear requirements on dress code and grooming standard prior to the shift, so it’s crucial that you read and understand them.

To help our Flexers maintain great standards and to help you to get booked onto more wonderful shifts. We’ve gathered the 5 tips for you to easily adhere to the uniform standards of the industry. We understand that most requirements may sound like common sense, but in our industry, even the tiniest mistake could make a worker and an employer look bad, so why not check the employer’s requirements every time before a shift and refer to our tips here?

Follow our five tips for looking the part, and you’ll be sure to be hired over and over again! Each tip contains a link with an example of where you can buy each item. Denny’s Brands is a great place to start as it is a brand specialised in providing hospitality uniform at a reasonable price. You can’t go wrong with Denny’s Brands!

Tip 1: Own a white/black long sleeve shirt and a waistcoat

Whether you are waiting staff at a restaurant or a bartending at a gallery opening night, you’ll often be asked to wear either a men’s white/women’s white or men’s black/women’s black shirt, as well as a well-fitting waistcoat. These don’t need to be expensive because, as long as you iron them, keep them clean, and buy them in the right size, they will always look smart.

Tip 2: A pair of smart, black trousers is another uniform-essential. And you don’t need to spend a fortune on them!

These need not be expensive; similar to the shirts and waistcoat, as long as they fit well and you keep them clean and ironed, you’ll fit in anywhere. Men’s and women’s will vary slightly in style, just make sure to avoid flares, denim, chinos and visible designs.

Tip 3: When it comes to footwear, a pair of smart black leather men’s or women’s shoes is what you’ll need!

You’ll be walking or standing for long hours during your shift so it’s worth investing in a comfortable and fitting pair. Clean and polish them before each shift to ensure you are always looking pristine.

Tip 4: Remember hostess and chef uniform varies!

As a hostess, you’ll often need a pair of black high heels, an LBD (little black dress) and a black knee-length pencil skirt. These are universally expected, so a good pair of each is an essential part of your uniform.

As a chef, you’re not going to get by unless you’re in chef clothing or proper kitchen working clothes. Owning your own set of men’s or women’s chef whites is a great start for your career, and may give you the edge in getting hired, as you can’t always rely on an employer to have a spare set.

Tip 5: Don’t forget to wear a smile! It’s free!

A shift can be stressful at times, a smile will help you to ease the stress, and bring happiness to your customers, your team and yourself!