Gender Pay Gap 2022

In this report, we outline our gender pay gap and bonus pay gap. We have also taken the opportunity to highlight the commitments and initiatives underway to help us tackle the gap moving forward.

Mean Pay Gap

The mean pay of men is 13.08% higher than that of women.

Median Pay Gap

The median pay of men is 38.38% higher than that of women.

Mean Bonus Pay Gap

The mean (average) bonus pay of men is 36.73% higher than that of women.

Median Bonus Pay Gap

The median bonus pay of men is 47.03% higher than that of women.

Proportion of employees receiving a bonus

84.06% Females and 82.76% Males

Proportion across pay quartiles

Employees are split into four even quartiles according to their pay to highlight female representation at different levels of an organisation.

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We are confident that our compensation and bonus schemes incentivise and reward all employees equally, regardless of gender on a job-to-job basis. However, we recognise that we have a higher number of female employees in entry level roles who are often employed on a fixed-term contract basis to support Indeed Flex through the busiest times of the year, affecting our data. In addition, the majority of our highly skilled product and technology engineers are male, influencing the pay and bonus gaps.

If you’d like to learn more about our gender pay gap and what we’re doing to close it, please review the full version of the report.

Download the report