1. Introduction

Syft/Indeed Flex (referred to here as “Indeed Flex” means Indeed Flex with an address at: 6433 Champion Grandview Way, Austin, TX 78750; Syft Online Limited with an address at: 20 Farringdon Rd, London EC1M 3HE, England, UK). Indeed Flex has a responsibility to protect and preserve the private information of every applicant to a role with Indeed Flex, and we take that responsibility seriously.  Protection and preservation of your data we treat with the utmost seriousness – all applicants can be ensured we have a skilled team to ensure this is upheld. This Privacy Policy is provided by Indeed Flex – intended to inform applicants for roles which Indeed Flex have to offer for direct employment. Indeed Flex handles Personal Identifiable Information (PII) for the purposes related to activities concerning work placement. PII is classified as information that identifies you as a specific individual. This Privacy Policy covers all individuals applying for roles within Indeed Flex. The primary applicable Data Controller in each case will be the Indeed Flex entity that intends to enter the employment contract for services with the applicant.

2. PII We Collect 

2.1 PII Provided Directly By You

During the Indeed Flex application process at, we may collect, store and process the following types of PII which would be issued directly from you.

  • Identification and contact details: Your full name, Current Address, telephone number, e-mail address, Drivers Licence/Passport, Bank Account Details, National Insurance Number;
  • Job Request Information, Qualifications (Academic and Professional), CV, Employment References, Cover Letters, Benefit Requests, Relocation Information, any other additional information you provide us in support of and during the entire employment process;
  • Information about your eligibility to work, immigration status, work authorisations, visas, right to work documentation.

In limited situations we may request, on a voluntary disclosure basis, limited and targeted provision of sensitive data such as: Racial or Ethical Origin, Political Opinions, Religious or Philosophical Beliefs, Trade Union Membership, Genetic Data, Biometric Data, data concerning Health, Sexual Orientation for the purposes of governing reporting obligations for equal opportunities and diversity monitoring, where permitted by law.

Applicants may also provide Indeed Flex with sensitive PII, in all cases, Indeed Flex will handle sensitive data in accordance with applicable laws.

2.2 APD Provided by Third Parties

Indeed Flex may also collect information about you from Third Parties or public sources as needed to support our onboarding and recruitment process. An example of this would be Indeed Flex collecting information about users from appropriate social media sources for recruitment purposes. We may also conduct background screenings through a third-party service provided and collect information on your past education, employment and criminal history (where permissible and in accordance with applicable law). Alternatively, third parties may refer or recommend you to work for employers through Indeed Flex.

Indeed Flex may also reach out to your referees to confirm your work history, please ensure that the contacts you provide are aware that we will make contact with them.

2.3 The Legal Basis on Which Indeed Flex Collects and Processes your PII

Indeed Flex collects and processes your PII on the basis of different legal grounds, depending on the nature of the PII being provided and the type of processing involved. Indeed Flex declares the nature of which legal basis is covered when handling PII. This depends on the context of the processing of the PII and the type of processing involved.

Performance of a Contract

In Performance of a contract: Indeed Flex relies on this basis where the processing of Personal Data is necessary for the performance of our employment contract with you or necessary in order to enter into an employment contract with you, for example to process payroll and employee benefits.  [Notice for US-based employees: this does not apply to US-based employees who are employed at-will without an employment contract.]

Where information is required as a contractual requirement, or in order to enter into a contract with Indeed Flex, failure to provide such information as is necessary could delay the start of the contract or could mean that Indeed Flex is unable to  provide all services to you that we are required to provide to you under the contract, for example to pay you or to provide you with certain benefits.

2.2 Legitimate interest: Another ground on which we may rely to process your Personal Data is that the processing is necessary for the purposes of a legitimate interest pursued by Indeed Flex. Such legitimate interests will include managing our business, including legal, personnel, administrative and management purposes and for the prevention and detection of crime.

Please note that (i) we will only rely on such a ground where an assessment has been performed balancing the interests and rights involved and the necessity of processing in order to manage our business, and (ii) you have the right to object to processing of your personal data where that processing is carried on for our legitimate interest.

2.3 Compliance with legal obligations: Processing may be necessary in order to allow Indeed Flex to comply with a legal or regulatory obligation. An example of this would be where Indeed Flex is required to retain business records for a fixed period of time in order to comply with local legal requirements. 

2.4 Consent: Processing of employee data based on consent is not frequent and may be performed in exceptional cases based. In such instances there will be no requirement to consent to such processing, or negative repercussions where consent is not provided. An example of this would be where Indeed Flex might collect information for certain employee surveys. Where consent is the basis then you can withdraw your consent at any point by sending an e-mail to [email protected].

3. Purposes of Processing and Uses of your PII

We collect, process, store and maintain and transfer PII as we determine ‘reasonably necessary’, in order to perform Indeed Flex’s needs of onboarding and recruiting potential candidates for job roles. PII is used in the hiring process for purposes such as:

  • Discovering the applicants qualifications, skills and background for a particular job role – determining whether they’re the suitable candidate for the position offered;
  • Determining the applicant’s right to work through their documentation;
  • Conducting background checks and similar inquiries in compliance with applicable laws, and otherwise to comply with all applicable laws;
  • Communicating with an applicant during the onboarding and recruitment process;
  • Carrying out functions in relation to an applicant’s future employment and;
  • Managing and improving Indeed Flex’s analytics and onboard process.

We may provide elements of PII to third party agencies and contractors intended to assist us in performing these specific functions – benefiting you. Indeed Flex will indicate to you at the point of provision as to whether or not particular PII provided by you is required. 

4. Disclosures and Transfers of your PII

Indeed Flex will not share or otherwise disclose your PII for purposes unrelated to those detailed in our Privacy Policy without the prior consent from the applicant whose data is in relation to themselves. Furthermore, Indeed Flex will take full reasonable precaution to only allow access to PII to only those intended –  legal employees of Indeed Flex to the extent necessary for the purposes set out in our Privacy Policy. Indeed Flex will not sell Personal Identifiable Information about individuals.

The transfers of PII out of the EEA in the course of the recruitment process is unlikely, however, in the event that PII involves the transfer of PII to countries outside of where the information was originally collected, all such transfers are performed in full compliance with the applicable Data Protection rules and regulations, subject to the appropriate safeguards, primarily through the use of extensive data protection safeguarding agreements including Standard Contractual Clauses.

4.1 Transfers of your PII between Indeed Flex affiliated entities

PII may be disclosed among various affiliated companies within Indeed Flex for the purposes set out in this Privacy Policy.

4.2 Transfer of your PII to certain Third Party Service Providers 

In the duration of our recruitment activities, Indeed Flex may allow certain sets of Personal Identifiable Data available to Third Parties who provide services to us to support those activities. Indeed Flex will only do so when a transfer of data is absolutely necessary and in accordance with necessary Data Protection Rules and law.

Personal Identifiable Information may be made available to Third Party companies that provide or help operate our onboarding applicants. This would include their: relocation support services, payroll support services and their verification of work through background and reference checks. These service providers may vary over time but we will always use trusted services providers who handle your data in a manner consistent with our Privacy Policy and in accordance with applicable Data Protection laws.

4.3 Transfers of your Personal Identifiable Information to other Third Parties

Furthermore, from section 4.2 Indeed Flex may also disclose your Personal Identifiable Information to other Third Parties in certain limited circumstances including;

  • To comply with our Legal Obligations 
  • To establish, exercise or defend against potential, threatened or actual litigation
  • Where necessary to protect Indeed Flex, your vital interests, or those of another person;
  • In connection with the sale, assignment or other transfer of all or part of our business

 5. Retention of your PII

You agree that Indeed Flex and its affiliates may retain the information you provide in your application in order to permit Indeed Flex to contact you in the future with respect to other positions for which we feel would be suitable for you. If you become a successful employee of Indeed Flex, this information becomes part of your employment record under data which we hold under your worker profile. If you do not wish Indeed Flex to retain your application (CV / Cover letters) – where applicable. You might please inform the contact person for your initial application or contact [email protected].

If you do not become employed during your onboarding process by Indeed Flex and your data retention is not necessary for the purposes set out in this Privacy Policy, such data will be confidentially deleted in accordance with the most current Data Regulations.

6. Exercising Your Rights

You have a number of rights available to you with respect to your Personal Identifiable Information held by Indeed Flex. These include:

  1. The right to be informed
  2. The right to Access
  3. The right to Rectification
  4. The right to Erasure
  5. The right to Restrict processing
  6. The right to Data Portability
  7. The right to Object

Any data submitted by an Indeed Flex User may be updated and corrected at any time through contacting the Data Protection Manager on: [email protected].

7. General Inquiries and Complaints 

7.1 Contacting Indeed Flex Online Limited

You may contact Indeed Flex’s Data Protection Manager at any time, please send an email to [email protected] .

7.2 Complaints 

If you believe your data protection rights have been infringed by Indeed Flex, you have the right to complain to the appropriate Information Commissioner’s Office authority in your jurisdiction. For example if you are in the UK, Indeed Flex’s main establishment in the UK for all Data Protection reporting issues, the Information Commissioner’s Office in which case you should use this hyperlink for the purposes: https://ico.org.uk/make-a-complaint/.

8. Updates to this Privacy Policy

Please review the “Dated” legend at the Top / footer of this page to determine when this Privacy Policy was last amended. Any changes to this Privacy Policy will become effective on the “Last Updated” date indicated. We recommend you check back to this Privacy Policy frequently – informing you about our latest Applicant Privacy Policy version.

9. Miscellaneous  

Please be aware this Privacy Policy extensively covers the intended handling of your Personal Data within Indeed Flex as an applicant for a role within Indeed Flex. This Privacy Policy does not cover your use of Indeed Flex products or services. To further learn about our data collection practices in our products or services, please check our Privacy Policy

Last updated 21/06/2022

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