Understanding your values to build the career you want

Grow with Indeed Flex is not just about new ideas, it’s about practical action. Helping you take meaningful steps to design the career you want.

Watch the video below to identify your values. You will be instructed what to do and when to pause in order to complete the tasks. Stop, reflect, and come back as often as you need to. This is learning designed to fit your lifestyle.

What you’ll need:

  • Something to take notes with
  • A quiet environment free from distractions
  • Time to pause and reflect
  • Video runtime: 10 min
  • Activity time: 15 min

Take action

Now that you have your values, it’s a great time to think about practical things you can do to make them work for you, in your career. Why not try writing a simple action plan with our focus five?

Write down at least 1 practical action to help you benefit from your values across these 5 areas, to give your plans real focus.

  • Something to stop doing:
  • Something to do less of:
  • Something to keep doing:
  • Something to do more of:
  • Something to start doing:

Your values will help your career development feel less overwhelming, they’ll help you navigate uncertainty, and act as a compass to guide you to where you want to go.

Coming next week: Confidence. We’ll explore how confidence impacts your career, and discover practical ways to overcome you getting in your own way.