Grow with Indeed Flex

Your career development mini-series, designed to help you explore more about yourself and give you the skills you need to grow your career.

At Indeed Flex our mission is to give you the fastest way to find temporary work that fits your lifestyle. We want to take that a step further and help you build the skills and experiences that will enable your career to thrive.

Below you find four modules, designed to help you explore more about yourself and develop some key skills to help you develop your career.

Each module consists of a written article giving you some new ideas to think about, and a video to help you apply the theory to your life. Take a few minutes for each video, grab a pen and paper, and let the ideas flow.

Complete the course at your own pace, nobody is counting. It’s designed to fit around your lifestyle.

Module one: Super strengths

A great starting point when thinking about a squiggly career is to understand your super strengths. These are the things you’re brilliant at; whether you’re the best driver, a remarkable mixologist behind a bar, or incredible at customer service. Your super strengths are the unique combination of talents and qualities that make you great at what you do.

Your super strengths are the reason people hire you.

Discover your strengths and how to use them more successfully at work.

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Module two: Values

Values are the beliefs, principles and ideals that drive your behavior, and crucially, your decision making. They’re the things that you believe are important in the way you live and work. Your values are a fundamental part of who you are, and they’re completely unique to you.

Explore what you care about in a career; how it motivates you to happiness at work.

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Module three: Confidence

Ask any professional coach and they’ll tell you that skill and talent alone is not enough to succeed. Confidence and belief in your abilities, make the average exceptional. They’ll also tell you the hardest thing to develop in anyone, isn’t skill or talent, it’s confidence.

Find out what lowers your confidence at work and how to overcome it.

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Module four: Future-proofing

Most people want a great career, however a lot of us struggle to define what that is. Our idea of success and happiness might change every day. So how do you go about building a great career when your wants, needs and desires are changing all of the time?

Learn how to identify future career opportunities and future-proof your career.

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