‘Confidence gremlins’

Grow with Indeed Flex is not just about new ideas, it’s about practical action. Helping you take meaningful steps to design the career you want.

Watch the video below to explore your ‘confidence gremlins’ and ways to cage them. You will be instructed what to do and when to pause in order to complete the tasks. Stop, reflect, and come back as often as you need to. This is learning designed to fit your lifestyle.

What you’ll need:

  • Something to take notes with
  • A quiet environment free from distractions
  • Time to pause and reflect
  • Video runtime: 13 min
  • Activity time: 20 min

Take action

Now that you understand your ‘confidence gremlins’ and how they can impact your career, it’s a great time to think about more practical things you can do to manage them. Why not try writing a simple action plan with our focus five?

Write down at least 1 practical action to help you manage your gremlins across these 5 areas, to give your plans real focus.

  • Something to stop doing:
  • Something to do less of:
  • Something to keep doing:
  • Something to do more of:
  • Something to start doing:

Remember, confidence is often interpreted as competence. The more confident you show up at work, the more competent others will assume you are. Building your confidence will help to ensure great career opportunities come your way.

Coming next week: Future-proofing. We’ll explore ways in which you can explore new and exciting career opportunities, as well as key skills that will ensure you will always be set up for success no matter the opportunity you choose to pursue.