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Refer a Friend Bonus - £40

Refer friends or family to join Indeed Flex and earn together! Existing Flexers and their referrals both get £40 when the new member completes just one shift within 30 days of joining. The Refer a Friend bonus is available until January 31, 2024!


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Earning benefits with us is easy and straightforward. Just complete 20 shifts through our app, including 10 within a single month, and you’ll unlock all the perks. To keep these benefits, all you need to do is work 10 shifts each following month.

Once you qualify, you’ll get an email from our benefits partner, Onsi. Simply register with them, and your rewards are yours to enjoy!


We're here to support you with sickness cover, critical injury/accident cover, family leave for new arrivals (£500 lump sum), bereavement leave (£500 lump sum), permanent disablement cover (up to £40,000), and accidental death cover (£40,000).


Experience comprehensive support including access to same day digital GP services, digital physiotherapy, 24/7 mental health wellbeing support, personal face-to-face counseling sessions, 24/7 financial and legal advice whenever you need it.


Enjoy exclusive discounts on a wide range of everyday essentials, including big brands like Asda, M&S, Morrisons, Shell, Deliveroo, Pizza Hut, H&M, Primark, Ray-Ban, various cinemas, Airbnb, Currys, Samsung, and more. The selection of discount providers may change over time.

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