What should my professional summary include?

Last updated on 29 January 2024

Your professional summary is your opportunity to tell employers a little more about yourself and why they should hire you in particular.
  • Do you have longstanding experience across certain roles?
  • Do you have professional qualifications or certificates?
  • Do you have specialist skills that others might not have?
  • Do you have certain soft skills, such as being a good communicator or a strong multi-tasker?
  • Have you held leadership or management positions?
  • If any of the above apply, then it’s a good idea to pop it in your summary.
  • It all helps to make you more attractive to employers.
An example of a good professional summary is: “I am a passionate mixologist with over 5 years of experience working in many different venues and mixing many different drinks." This tells the employer what skills the Flexer has, the type of role they’ve held, how many years’ experience they have, and that they’ve worked in all different kinds of environments.