You may have noticed that we have a limit on the number of shifts/hours that you can work. This is due to the legal requirement for us to follow the  Working Time Directive. 

The Working Time Directive (WTD) is a UK law that requires employers (Indeed Flex) to provide “Duty of Care” for their employees (You). Part of that Duty of Care includes providing working conditions around your employment to ensure you do not overwork yourself, maintaining a healthy work/life balance while trying to maximise your earnings. 

In short, we have placed the following restrictions on ALL roles:

  • No more than 60 hours of work in a week (rolling basis).
  • No single shift over 15 hours long should be available to work.
  • If a shift of 15 hours is booked, no other shift is allowed to be booked 11 hours before or after such a shift.

 Additional rules apply for driving and industrial roles:

  • No more than 13 hours of work (over a single or multiple-shift) in a 24 hour period.