What is a referral bonus? How do I get it?

Last updated on 24 June 2024

You can get a £40, £100, or £150 bonus by inviting a friend to use Indeed Flex.

You can find the code you need to invite them with in Profile > Referrals > Refer a Friend.

Referral Programmes 

Our Referral Programmes seek to reward Flexers (the ‘Referrer’) who refer their friends (the ‘Referral’) to complete one shift with Indeed Flex. Once that friend has completed one shift and the referrer has completed one shift too, both will receive a Referral Bonus. Verified Flexers who provide a referral to Indeed Flex will receive a £40 bonus for all referrals, other than for chef referrals where the amount is £150 for both the referral and referrer, and bartender referrals where the amount is £100 for both the referral and referrer. To get the bonus, your referred friend (referral) needs to:

  • Become a verified Flexer. A verified Flexer is a worker who has downloaded the app, had a successful interview resulting in their verification for at least one role on our system, and successfully passed the right-to-work check.
  • Redeem the Unique Referral Code you’ve sent them before starting their first shift.
  • Complete 1 shift within 30 days of redeeming that Unique Referral Code (“Qualifying Shifts”), after being verified. When the referee’s first completed shift is a chef shift  they will receive £150. When the referee’s first completed shifted shift is a bartender shift they will receive £100.
  • Remain a verified Flexer in good standing at the time of payout.

Provided those criteria are met, you’ll each receive the bonus in your next payroll. As the claimant (referred friend), you MUST enter this code before your first shift start time. To be paid, the referrer (existing Flexer) must have worked a shift within the last 12 months of your friend redeeming your Unique Referral Code.

For the full details, please see our terms and conditions here.