What four things are required of me as a delivery driver?

Last updated on 29 January 2024

When it comes to keeping safe on the road there are few rules we need you to abide by, to protect both yourself and other road users, and consider the employer you’re working for. What’s required of me as a driver?

Make sure you take breaks

If you’re entitled to a break during your shift, you must take it. It’s for your own wellbeing. It’s also a legal requirement. For GB domestic rules in relation to breaks, click here.

Accidents happen: make sure you report them

Accidents occasionally happen, so if you have one while driving your van, you need to report it to your employer as soon as possible, with full details of the incident. 

Stick to the speed limits

Indeed Flex receives a weekly report from employers, which will show if you’ve been speeding - you must remain within the speed limit for 98% of the time while driving. Failure to do so will, unfortunately, result in a strike on your Indeed Flex account.

Ensure you drive with due care and attention

Indeed Flex is kept up to speed on the quality of your driving, including things like harsh braking or acceleration. Please drive in a manner that would be expected of a professional driver.